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Easy fat loss for women

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Fat loss for women may be a little different than fat loss for men and if you are a woman who is trying to lose fat, you will need to understand the subtle difference. Some of the strategies techniques may be the same for both the sexes. That is why it’s important for you to know which strategies and techniques are the same and which are different for you.

Get enough sleep

If you are trying to lose fat, it is important that you get enough sleep every night. Here enough means 6.5 hours to 8.5 hours. It is in a range because the need may be different for different people. Studies have found that if you see for that duration for two weeks, you may be able to lose twice as much weight on average in comparison to women who are sleeping less than 5.5 hours every night. Why does it happen? When you sleep well, your hunger hormones like ghrelin and leptin will stay in check. And that means you are not going to over eat. If you are sleeping less, the reward zone present in your brain will react enthusiastically to fatty and sugary treats. If you are getting less sleep, you are likely to eat more calories the next day. So, get the necessary sleep each and every night.

Eat every 3 to 4 hours

If you are trying to lose more fat, you will need to eat frequent meals. It will provide your body with long-lasting energy and will also prevent intense hunger. When you are under intense hunger, you make irrational food choices and also over eat, which will increase the amount of fat in your body. When you eat frequent meals you can stop that from happening. Eat small meals which include whole grains, lean protein such as nuts, beans, fish, eggs and poultry. When you eat nutrient rich foods in your meals, it will slow down digestion and increase the absorption of food in your stomach. It means less amount of calories will be consumed by your body and that is a very good news for you.

Strength training

Strength training will help you to lose more fat and body weight. If you can increase your muscle mass, it will help you to increase your metabolic rate and as a result, you will be able to burn more calories. Strength training will help you to increase your muscle mass.

Relax more

To relax, you can perform deep nasal breathing. If you are under stress, you will going to sabotage your own fat and weight loss efforts. Whenever you are stressed, the cortisol levels in your body will go up and as a result of that your body will start to store fat for future. Deep nasal breathing will help you to relax more. It will calm your mind and will stimulate repair and recovery. To do the nasal breathing, you need to inhale and exhale deeply from the nose.

Measure your meals

We have already talked about eating several smaller meals during the day. Along with that, you will also need to measure your meals and include 35% protein, 35% fat and 30% carbs in each of them. If you increase your protein consumption at the same time reduce the number of calories, it will help you to lose fat instead of muscle. As sources of fat, you can include nuts and fish in your meal because they are healthy. The carbs should come from beans and whole grains. The protein sources for your meals should be eggs, chicken and fish.


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