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Facts you need to know about women fat loss

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Women fat loss is little different from fat loss for men. There are some facts which can help you to understand the process and lose more fat. When you know about these facts, it will be much easier for you to lose fat.


Women burn more crabs than man and less fat when at rest

This is a fact and this can help you when you're trying to lose fat. As a woman, you are likely to store more fat after eating and so you generally have higher body fat percentage. Such fat storage is done from the evolutionary point of view because the stored fat is used during pregnancy and lactation. Once a young woman becomes ready for reproduction, the body starts storing fat in different parts, especially hips and thighs, which is nothing but a preparation for offspring's. If your intake of omega-3 is less, it may result in too much weight gain during pregnancy because your brain will keep on monitoring nutrient status in your body. It may result in too much of hunger and you tend to eat more.

You need to get adequate amount of DHA, an omega-3 fat. Eat more fish. We will also need to ensure that your body is metabolically flexible enough to burn fat for energy. You can achieve that by reducing carbohydrate in your diet at specific time of the day and your body will automatically burn fat to get energy. If you're exercising, you can eat a higher carb during that day when you're exercising. If you're not working out, your diet should have low carb.

Women burn fat differently than men

As a woman, your fat burning method is different from a man and so the exercises and the diet system which is efficient for men may not be good for you. When you are exercising, you rely more on fire during the exercise in comparison to men. So it means if you exercise more, you'll be able to lose more fat. As a woman, you tend to store more fat below your skin. On the other hand, men store fat as visceral fat. Visceral fat is more dangerous because it increases the risk of cardiovascular problem and also insulin resistance. In case of a woman, if you have lower body fat in a reasonable amount, it means lesser possibility of heart disease and a better health.

You generally lose fat from the upper body first. But when the time comes to lose lower body fat, it becomes a struggle for women. Since fats are stored in the lower body in anticipation of pregnancy and lactation, it is difficult to lose that fat. Women also have higher alpha receptors in the lower body. When it combines with estrogens, they stop loss of fat from the lower body part.

If you want to lose the lower body fat, you will need to start anaerobic training. When you combine aerobic exercise along with a strength program, it becomes easier for women to lose fat faster. It is better than simple anaerobic training. So you need to engage in strength training and during the training specially focus on your lower body and total body. Squats, step ups, deadlifts and lunges should be integral parts of your exercise regime. Estrogens may help you in your process of fat burning. If you combine resistance exercise with higher intensity, it will boost the release body fat present in the fat cells, which will then be burned for energy. High intensity interval training will also ensure that you are achieving higher fat loss from your lower body.



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