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Strategies to get stronger

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If you want to build more strength, it is possible.

To do that but it will be easier for you only if you have some strategies. Let’s find out what above studies can help you to get stronger.

Focus on the big four

If you want to get stronger, you will need to focus on the big four. Squat, deadlift, benchpress and shoulder press are the big four that you must have in your workout. They are the best strength building exercises and so you cannot avoid them. You will need to focus on these exercises if you really want to add more strength and become stronger.

Use barbells

If you want to get stronger, you will need to use barbells. Without barbells, don’t be possible for you to get stronger. Barbell is the king and dumbbell is the queen. You should always start your workouts with barbell exercises. If you are performing the big four, use the barbell to do them. Barbells are important because they will allow you to load a lot of weight and lifting more weight is the basic of getting stronger. Once you complete the exercises with barbells, you can move to dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

Maintain a log

Maintaining a log is very important when you want to get stronger. The log should list down your exercises, sets, reps and the result of the workout. If you can keep track of your lips and number of reps, you’ll be able to improve them. Improvement is what you need to do constantly and then only you can get better results. If you are trying to improve your strength, knowing about what you are doing and what are giving you the best results will help you to devise a plan to improve things that you want to improve.

Balance your training

When you are trying to gain more strength, it is important for you to balance your training. If you’re doing something for one side of the body, you should also do the same for the other side. It is a rule that you should follow each and every time. Let’s take an example here. If you are doing squats, which focuses on the quads, then you should also perform Romanian deadlifts because it will focus on the hamstrings. If you’re working on the chest, you should also exercise your back. Even though it is not necessary to do the balance work in the same session, it can be done within the same week. It is also important to balance your pulling and pushing movements and the best ratio is 2 to 1 between the pulling and pushings.

Keep it simple

Keeping anything simple will help you to do it better. If you have a simple workout with simple exercises and new to them perfectly with the required weight, it will be easier for you to build more strength. Especially if you have just started out keeping everything simple will be easier for you. You’ll need to constantly increase your load and when you keep everything simple it’ll be much easier for you to focus on doing it right and gradually increasing the load.

Think five

When you are performing different workouts, you can always try to do a set of five. It seems that sets of five can offer you the best blend of muscle size and strength gains. More than five may not be necessary because it may not be possible for you to keep the form intact. Less than five sets may not be the optimum level of exercise for you to offer you the maximum benefit in terms of strength and muscle gains.

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