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Few surprising symptoms of heartburn

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Even though a heartburn is a very common problem, it may not be that simple to spot this health condition. Let’s know about a few surprising symptoms of heartburn.

Chest pain

Chest pain may occur when the stomach acid  splashes into the oesophagus. It is a classic acid reflux symptom. However, the pain can stay for a long duration and sometimes it can be more intense. Sometimes people can mistake it for a heart attack. When you have a chest pain, it is important to consult your doctor to ensure that you are not having a heart attack.

Sore throat

A sore throat is another surprising symptom of heartburn. It is a very common and classic symptom of cold or flu, but it can also be caused by problems in your digestive system. If you find that your throat aches only after you have a meal, you are probably suffering from heartburn. The sore throat can be a chronic problem in people who were suffering from heartburn problem. If you are having a sore throat but you do not have sneezing, sniffling, then you certainly have a acid reflux problem.

Pain worsens when you rest

When you lie down or bend over and are at rest, the stomach acid may escape into your esophagus and thereby can cause heartburn. It is always better to sit up straight because that will keep your food in the stomach. That is why people who are suffering from chronic heartburn need to raise the head of the bed. They also should not eat big meals before bedtime.

Bitter taste

One people suffer from acid reflux, sometimes they find a bitter taste in mouth. This happens when the stomach acid goes to the back of your throat. You will have an icky and bitter taste in your mouth. Sometimes, some people may even experience choking because of that.


Chronic cough and wheezing can also be caused by heartburn. It may happen because the stomach acid may get into your lungs and if that happens, you’ll show respiratory symptoms such as chronic cough and wheezing. If breathing difficulties happen immediately after your meal that is another indication that you are suffering from it because of heartburn. It is possible to measure acid present in your oesophagus figures over a 24-hour period and that will help you to decide whether you are suffering from acid reflux are not

Post meal pain

Sometimes, some people experience pain after a meal especially when they have a big meal. If the stomach is overloaded, then the content of your stomach does not have any where to go but up. Medication can help you in such situation. Besides watching presence of fat in your meals, it is also important to reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption.


Some people suffer from nausea when they have heartburn issues. Nausea is also associated with many other medical conditions and so it may be difficult for the doctor to decide whether you are suffering from nausea because of heartburn or any other medical problem.


Due to acid reflux, hoarseness of may occur. You will feel as if you are having this problem because you are in the early stages of a cold. Your voice may start cracking because of heartburn. It may sound strange but it can be a symptom of heartburn. When the stomach acid goes to your oesophagus, it may irritate your vocal cords and so you may have hoarseness or similar voice problems. If your voice sounds more husky than usual, then you should pay immediate attention to it.


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