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How to get adequate sleep

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For a healthy body and fresh mind, adequate and good sleep is a must. Without sufficient sleep, many diseases can be developed in our body.


According to medical science, sleep is a state of mind that occurs naturally. It features altered consciousness and reduced interaction with the environment. During sleep, sensory activities and voluntary muscles are inhibited.

But many people suffer from sleep related disorders. Some also suffer from insomnia which is a sleep disorder. In it, people find it difficult to fall or stay asleep. The most common symptoms of insomnia patients include difficulty in sleeping, waking up early, feeling tired even after sleep, waking up often during the night etc.

Research suggests having less than six hours of sleep at night can prove to be harmful for our body and mind. Good sleep ensures a healthy heart, improved memory and immune system.

How to sleep better

Maintain a sleep routine:

Establish your internal sleep/wake clock so that you can have a healthy sleep.

Power down:

Switch off the cell phone and other devices because the blue glow that appear from those devices may cause problems with your sleep. You should also turn off your computers, tv etc. well before you go to bed. You should not use your mobile phone once in bed.

Taking a nap:

Nap in the early part of the day. If you are feeling an afternoon energy slump, there are ways to get  out of it. You can always take a short walk or drink a glass of ice water or indulge in something interesting

Take care of your back pain:

Back pains can interafer with your sleep and so take care of it. When you are in pain you may not be able to go into a deep sleep and the restful stages of sleep or may not even be able to sleep at all. If needed, you can put a pillow between your legs because it will then align your hips better and thereby eliminate the stress from your lower back.

A good diet:

Your food intake should be systemic to keep stomach healthy and out of any problem. Cut out the food and drinks like coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate by mid afternoon. Always take a lightest meal, and finish it a few hours before bedtime. Skip spicy or heavy foods, which can cause heartburn or indigestion.

Avoid smoking as much as you can:

There is a stimulative effect of nicotine. Smoking triggers sleep apnea and other breathing disorders such as asthma.

Sound sleep:

Try to get a sound sleep. But if you sleep with your pet and children, you may not be able to get a sound sleep. Dogs and kids can be some of the worst sleepers. Everyone deserves their own sleeping space.

Do your exercise wisely:

Regular exercise is necessary when you want to sleep better. Besides keeping you fit, it will also ensure that you are tired, which will help you to sleep better. You can try any type of exercise that suits your needs.

Cut noise:

Any harsh sound such as nearby traffic or a loud dog can disturb your sleep. Stop the noises if possible, or otherwise block them using ear plugs or other methods.

Calmness of mind:

Keep your work at your workplace. Put aside any touchy discussions or complicated decisions 2 to 3 hours before bed. Before you hit the bed, read something calming, listen to quiet music, or take a warm bath.

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