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Sleep and the immune system

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Keeping your immune system working efficiently is very important for well-being. There are many things that you can do to boost your immune systems such as taking vitamins, eating foods rich in antioxidants, and others. However, there is another important element that can boost your immunity system and that is sleep.

Sleep and the immune system go hand-in-hand in keeping the immune system efficient to work at the best level possible. Sleep is like your body is the natural charging system. If you have an electric car, you need to charge it regularly. If you have a battery-operated device, you need to charge the battery at regular intervals to ensure that the device works smoothly and in the best possible way. Likewise, you need to charge yourself regularly so that you can be at the highest level of efficiency and productivity. Sleep “ that for you. And sleep can also charge up your immunity.

Why is the immune system important?

It is very important to keep your immune system strong and healthy. Why? Your immune system is your body armor to fight illness. That's why if it is stronger, it's better for you. If your immune system is working fine and efficiently, it will be able to keep away different types of harmful pathogens that could make you sick. A fine working in the system can keep away viruses, bacteria, fungi, chemicals, drugs, toxins, and foreign objects.

Sleep and the immune system

Sleep and the immune system are dependent on each other. Sleep is the ultimate immune system booster and you need good sleep to keep your body's natural sickness fighting power stronger. But when the immune system is fighting an infection or a pathogen, it can be difficult to get sleep.

Boosting your immune system

When you get a good amount of sleep and high-quality sleep, your body's immune system charges up by increasing cytokine production.

What is cytokine? Cytokines means the proteins of the cells in your body that release when your immune system starts its action. They are associated with the inflammatory response of your body.

Some examples help you understand it better. When you have a cut on your skin, your skin gets red around the car or scrap. When you have a cold or virus, your body starts to make mucus at a higher rate. All these are examples of the inflammatory response of your body to foreign objects and pathogens. These are good things. These are the body's natural immune system response to toxins, viruses, foreign objects, or other pathogens.

It means that if you are getting a high-quality and good amount of sleep, your body will be able to fight infections better. It will help you to avoid the disease altogether or will at least help you to get over it faster.

You can help your body's immune memory

When you sleep, your brain consolidates whatever you have learned and experienced from the previous day into your memory bank. Sleep helps your body retain memories and it can also help your immune system˜s memory get stronger. So, better quality and a good amount of sleep can help your immune system recognize and react to different types of pathogens, which will help your body to fight things faster and better.

Weighted blankets can boost your immune system

Weighted blankets can help you sleep better. Sleeping better for a good amount of sleep and high-quality sleep is beneficial for you because it can boost your immune system. high-quality weighted blankets such as Weighted Evolution Blankets can help you sleep better with their Deep Pressure Stimulation or DPS. These are soft, beatable, and exceptionally well manufactured weighted blankets that can help you to sleep better every night. 

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