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What makes your immune system strong?

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Your immune system is important to you, and it is your friend. It protects your body from different infections. You can also do a few things to strengthen it.

Your immune system creates, stores, and distributes the white blood cells that fight bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that enter your body. If you make your immune system stronger, it will fight these germs better and keep you healthy.

Fruits and vegetables are good for you

Eating fruits and vegetables can help you make your immune system stronger. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables regularly, you are less likely to get sick. These fruits and vegetables contain some important nutrients which can boost your immune system. Some of them also contain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which are not available otherwise.

Sleep is necessary

Good sleep is very important for boosting your immune system. There is a strong link between sleep and a healthy immune system. To strengthen it, you need restorative sleep. It means you need enough sleep to get your body back into fighting shape.

Even though the need for sleep may vary from person to person, most adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Teens may need 9 to 10 hours, school-aged kids need at least 10 hours, preschoolers need 11 to 12 hours and newborn babies need 16 to 18 hours.

You need to ensure that you are sleeping enough. If you sleep less than your body needs, it will cause your sleep debt. That is not good for your immune system and your overall health.

A positive attitude is important

Your attitude can affect your health and your immune system. A good outlook is good for your health. Different scientific studies done on the subject found that your email system keeps pace with your thoughts. If you are a positive person and have a positive outlook, you are likely to have a better image system. When you are worried, your immune system slows down. 

Exercise is good for your immune system

Even though there is no direct link between moderate exercise and the immune system, there are lots of benefits that exercising regularly can offer you, which will affect your immune system as well. When you exercise regularly, it will lower your blood pressure and will keep your body weight under control. Regular exercise can also help you protect yourself from certain diseases. 


There are some vitamins that can boost your immune system. You can get them from your food or from a good supplement.

Vitamin C is one of the biggest immune system boosters. If you lack vitamin C, it can make you more prone to getting sick. Oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, spinach, kale and broccoli, tangerines, or some of the food sources of vitamin C. You can also get vitamin C from a high-quality supplement. It is necessary because the human body cannot produce or store this vitamin.

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