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Health Tips for Summer Fun!

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As we enter spring, the restlessness of the winter has set in and we are ready to get outside and play. But, is your body prepped for all of that fun? It is amazing how much stress we place on our bodies’ every day.

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For those of us who are on our feet, our whole bodies are exhausted and it can create chronic issues in our joints and muscles. Whatever our day jobs may bring us, playing in the sun can also brings stress to our body. Running, golfing, basketball, hiking, climbing, walking, carrying kids through markets, throwing luggage in overhead bins; whatever the activity is it can present opportunities for injury. We may have injured ourselves in previous years and we are still dealing with the daily aches and pains, not thinking about what we could be doing to help the discomfort. Imagine what life would be like if you could find ways to improve your body so you can actually enjoy life’s activities. Of course, getting older is unavoidable, but with some maintenance and care, your body can last much longer and give you a life better lived. Let’s take a look at some health tips you can follow to avoid injury or help recover from an existing issue.

Take a Yoga class

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Back pain can be caused by weak core muscles; your abdominal and back muscles specifically. Different than weight lifting and other activities, yoga gently strengthens your back by holding your body in poses from 10-60 seconds. When you practice yoga, you can relieve tension by stretching muscles that help to cause back pain, like your hamstring. Yoga also allows valuable nutrients into muscles to help feed your body while also removing toxins. Take a yoga course where you live, download an app on your phone, or pick up a DVD from the local thrift shop (although, if done incorrectly, yoga cause injury, so it may be worth starting out with a real person so they can show you how to do the poses safely).

General Fitness

Weight lifting, walking, spinning, backyard basketball, or even an afternoon of tennis can get your body out and moving. The activity will help to promote weight loss, reduce stress, also encourage proper eating, and even prevent cardiovascular disease by up to 80%. No matter the time of year, get out and get active, for your health!

Physical Therapy


If you are suffering from some serious body pain, keeping you away from enjoying time with your family outdoors, you may consider physical therapy. A physical therapist will work with you to strengthen your body so that you can get back on your feet. The encouragement, support, and access to resources are all great reasons to consider this option. Finding a physical therapist is as easy as an internet search for “physical therapy near me” and you’ll find plenty of options.

Fix that body up!

No matter the number of health tips a person can read, the most important fact is, this is your life. The best of the health tips that we can give is to take care of yourself so you can have a long life, enjoying your friends and family. No matter how you get there, commit to being your best self, whether it’s through your love of cooking healthier dishes, your new racquetball hobby, or some time with a physical therapist to get back on your feet. It’s your life and it is worth it.

Mental Fitness

Studies show that if you are mentally fatigued, stressed, or suffering from a psychiatric disorder that has gone undiagnosed or untreated, your body will become exhausted quicker and you will have less energy. Taking care of your mind and body is full-time job. Physicians, like Dr. Alex Anastasiou, believe that both the mind and body are most important in regards to our overall health and happiness. Be sure you pay attention to your mental health and reach out for help if you feel it could help make things a bit better.

Get Outside and Play!

Now that your body is tuned up, get outside and enjoy the summer fun!