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Lack of sleep and your mind

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If you are suffering from sleep apnea, then you might be suffering from lack of sleep. Even though it may seem as if it is not a big deal lack of sleep can cause severe problems in your life.


Lack of sleep

Do you often forget things? Is it difficult for you to concentrate? Is it difficult for you to sleep because of sleep apnea and you often get less than six hours of sleep? It means you’re not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause problems with your logical thinking and emotion handling capabilities. Excessive sleepiness resulting from lack of sleep due to sleep apnea can cause problems in your work life, relationships and can cause other mood problems like depression and anger.


Lack of sleep negatively affects your cognitive and mental health. Even though many people consider sleep as a luxury, it is not true. You will notice it yourself. When you get a good night’s sleep, you feel good and when you don’t get it, you feel worse.

Sleep can help you to improve your learning, insight and memory. When you sleep, you are adding more energy to your body. Taking rest helps you to save and add more energy to your energy bank. When you’re sleeping your body is repairing and restoring itself. If the repairing and restoring is not done completely, how can you feel good? If you are not recharged properly, you cannot perform better both physically and mentally.

The impact of chronic sleepiness

Sleepiness reduces your thought processes

If you are feeling sleepy because of sleep deprivation due to sleep apnea, it will reduce your alertness and concentration. When that happens, it won’t be possible for you to focus and pay attention and you will be confused. It will also hamper your ability to do things that need logical reasoning and complex thinking.

It will also impact your judgment. You will not be able to take quick and good decisions.

Sleepiness impacts your memory

Scientists have found that nerve connections are necessary to improve our memories and strengthen them. And that happens during your sleep. Whatever you have learned or experienced during that they are embedded into your short-term memory when you sleep. When you are sleepy, you forget things misplace them. When you are not able to focus and concentrate, your memory is further weakened.

Learning becomes difficult due to poor sleep

If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, you should be very careful because for sleep will hamper your ability to learn. You cannot focus and so it becomes more difficult for you to pick of information and as a result you cannot learn. Since it also affects your memory, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to learn new things. In case of children sleepiness can cause hyperactivity.

Slowed reaction time

This is considered as the biggest danger of sleepiness. When you are sleepy, your reaction time becomes slower. This can be dangerous when you are driving or working or doing anything that needs a quick response. Accidents often happen due to slowed reaction time resulting from sleepiness.

People suffering from sleep apnea are at high risk of auto accidents.

Sleepiness and your mood and mental health

Lack of sleep directly affects your mood. You become more and easily irritated, you get angry faster and you lose the ability to cope with stress. People who suffer from sleepiness due to sleep deprivation are more likely to shout and quarrel with other people, especially in traffic jams.

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