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How to get a bikini body fast

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You probably always wanted to have the bikini body so that in the summer you can enjoy the beaches and at the same time flaunt your perfect body. When you want to bikini body fast, since you don’t have much time, it is important to focus on certain things-diet, exercise and rest.


Drink up

You need to drink more water when you want to lose fat and get a toned body. If you’re not hydrated well enough, your body retains water under the skin’s surface and it makes you look puffy. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day and cut back your consumption of caffeine and alcohol and see the results. You will appear slimmer. You will look more toned.

Get the required amounts of sleep

It is important that you get your share of rest if you really want to keep your body in shape. You generally need eight hours of sleep to keep away weight gains. If you are sleep deprived, you’re likely to gain more weight. When you sleep deprived, changes in hormones will increase your appetite and as a result, you will eat more.

Cold water to burn calories

You need to burn more calories to get the desired bikini body. Besides exercising and watching your diet, you also need to find some other ways. Ice cold water is good for you when you are trying to burn more calories. Since your body needs to warm the liquid, you burn more calories in the process.


Enroll yourself in an exercise class because you must have it. Without the exercise class it is not possible to lose weight and burn more calories and get the bikini body you desire. It is also important to make sure that you are sticking to a regular exercise routine. You can try anything- a gym, yoga, cardio kickboxing, dance or anything else.

Eat healthier carbs

You need carbs and you cannot completely eliminate them from your diet. You can always select the healthier carbs. Choose the complex carbs such as fruits and vegetables. Berries, green beans, cauliflower contain lots of fiber. You can also include whole grains instead of cookies, pasta and breads.

Work on your butt

To look sexier in a bikini, you need to work on your butt. Squats and lunges are always good for your glutes. You can include them in your workout. There are other exercises which will help you to get a great looking butt. Another workout will help you to make your butt look good. Run up and down the steps as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Then climb slowly for two minutes. Repeat this process for about half an hour.

Green tea

Instead of coffee, you can always go for green tea because it will help you to stay fit and look better. It also offers several benefits and keeps you healthy. Coffee will increase your cravings. Even though it can reduce your appetite for the moment, but after some time it will make you hungrier. Green tea is an antioxidant. It is also a natural diuretic. It will control your cravings and at the same time will increase your metabolism.

Add more protein

If you are exercising and using weights to tone your body, you need more protein. You need to build lean muscle to look great in a bikini. Protein is a calorie burner since the body needs to work hard for its digestion. Protein is also good for you because it will reduce your hunger as it stays for a longer duration in your stomach.


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