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How to get a bigger butt

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Having a bigger butt can be really helpful to you because it makes you look sexier. People have been trying to enhance their butts all the time but not all of them become successful. Before you even try to enhance your butt, you need to understand the two important factors that will decide your success or failure in building your butt.


The two most important factors that can help you to build your butt are exercise and nutrition. These two factors are the keys to two other important factors fat and muscle.


Even though you hate exercising, if you’re looking for great butts, then you will need to exercise. You can consider it as the safest and greatest method of building a great looking butt. However, it is important that you do it the right way. Why is that important? It is important because thousands of people are doing it the wrong way. Most of such wrongdoing stem from wrong information received from the wrong sources. People tend to do wrong exercises, correct exercises the wrong way or too much of exercise. All of these ultimately results in failure is and after a very hard exercising regimen. You don’t need to do hours of exercise or go to the gym seven days a week. You also don’t have to be a hard-core bodybuilder to have sexy butts.

If you hear advice like perform tons of squats, shy away from them. This is a wrong advice and some of the important health resources offer such wrong advice advices.



Diet is also very important when you’re trying to achieve a sexy butt for yourself. Finding the right diet will also be beneficial for your lifestyle. You need to make some better food choices which will help you to fuel your butt building goals. A good diet will also offer you better hair, more energy, better skin, better health, better body composition and a better feeling.

Keep your rear in plain view

You need to love your butt. If you’re targeting your butt, it is important that you see them every day. Then only you’ll be able to find if you need to work on them. You will also be able to see small changes when you look at them every day. Focus on your butt and then only you’ll be able to find ways to make them look better.

Use weights

Even though bodyweight exercises may be great, when you’re trying to build your butt, you need to use weights. Your bodyweight exercises may not be able to help you build your butt fast. You need to work on your glutes and also try to burn more calories. You can use dumbbells or you can also use barbells along with weights.

Go slow

If you’re using weights, instead of rushing to complete your workout, you need to go slow. Take some time while performing different exercises. For example, if you’re doing squats you can always count to 4 before lowering yourself to a squat position and while coming up, you can count to 4 again while standing up. Give your muscles some time so as to maximize the potential of the move.

Perform mini workouts all day

Whenever you have a small break, you can always squeeze a mini workout into it. Such mini workouts will help you to enhance your butt. You can use ankle weights, you can perform leg lifts and extensions while standing or waiting. You can also perform calf raises. During walking whenever you can, can perform lunges which will work on the muscles of your butt.

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