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Belly fat activators and creating a bikini belly

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There are some belly fat activators which are causing problem in realising your dream of having a Bikini belly, especially after 35. These are the activators which will activate some switches and processes in your body which will keep on adding more fat to your belly and make your fat.

Some of the belly fat activators that can make your stomach fat by depositing more and more fat in the meat section include-

  • Switching on menopause molecules
  • Turning off belly fat reducing hormone
  • Destroyed metabolism

Switching on your menopause molecules

There are some menopause molecules hidden in your genes. You have menopause genes hidden in your DNA. This is a tiny little gene which is by rate deep inside your fat cells and it doesn't do anything until you turn 35.

When you turn 35, your menopause gene instantly switches on. When it happens your belly will be full of menopause molecules and that will increase your belly size fast. It will also make it very difficult for you to lose belly fat.

If you think more is better, then you will have to think again. The more you exercise the more fat you should be able to remove from your body but that does not happen. If you believe that more exercise will help you to have a flat and firm belly that may not be true. If your menopause molecules trigger the hormones to go haywire, it will not help you to get a flat belly. At the same time your metabolism will also slow down to a great extent.

More exercises, you need shorter and more carefully designed movements if you are over 35. These moments will work in harmony with your body and your menopause molecules and will help you by improving your metabolism and burning more fat.

Turning of belly fat reducing hormone

Your body has the capacity to naturally burn off belly fat. But some of the exercises you are doing probably work against your body's natural instinct and thereby stop burning of fat. When that happens, you're not losing any belly fat anymore. Simple exercises like side bends, sit-ups and crunches may work against your body's natural ability to burn stubborn belly fat. There are some unique ab movements which will help your body to burn more fat. Such movements are special and they can start the naturally belly fat burning process by switching on the belly fat burning hormones.

Destroyed metabolism

If your metabolism is not working fine, then it can cause problems which your efforts to lose belly fat. Sweating on the treadmill may not be the best way to improve your metabolism and burn more belly fat.

If you can improve your metabolism, that will help you to burn more fat. But you have to be sure whether the exercises that you have been working for a long time are helping you to burn more fat by boosting your metabolism. If you can boost your metabolism, it will trigger your body to burn off fat automatically without you having to waste so much of time exercising. If you can fight of the belly fat activators, losing belly fat will be much easier and you will get lean, sexy tummy that you always desire.


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