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How to practice good sleep hygiene to get better sleep

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If you practice good sleep hygiene, it’ll be easier for you to fall asleep and sleep better and fight insomnia problems. Sleep horizon is the rituals, behaviours and norms that you follow in your bedroom when you’re trying to see.

Go to bed the same time every night

It is very important to ensure that you go to bed the same time each and every night. You need to set and follow a regular sleep schedule which will help you to sleep the adequate number of hours. You need to avoid bedtime procrastination at night. If necessary need to set alarm in the morning so that he can get up the same time every day. It is important to ensure that your sleep and wake times are consistent throughout the week and also during weekends. If you do not follow it, you will always experience and uncomfortable rebound effect on Monday. You can use a sleep tracker app if you want to use it or you can use a sleep diary to login how much time you sleeping every night so that you can go back to it and see if you’re following the sleep schedule that you set.

Make your bedroom quite

You need to find a quiet place to see. Your bedroom should be as quiet as possible. If you are one of those people who find absolute silence uncomfortable, you can use white noise which will come your anxieties. You can download and use a white noise app on your smart phone and start using it. You’ll be able to choose from nature sounds, guided meditation or classical ambient white noise.

Sometimes it may be a little difficult for you to sleep in a quiet place if there are noisy neighbourhood or apartment building. However, there are some things that you can do to make your bedroom quite even when there are some disturbances surrounding it.

Keep your bedroom dark and cool

Keeping your bedroom dark and cool will help you to sleep better. The best temperature for falling asleep is around 15°C. It’ll be easier for you to sleep better if you can maintain a consistently cold temperature. A consistent cold temperature will help your body thermoregulatory during sleep.

You also need to keep your bedroom dark and that will help you to make it cooler. When you keep away the heat from sunlight in the morning, your bedroom will be much cooler at night. Your bedroom should be dark because the darkness will convince your brain that still night time. You can always get blackout contains and an eye mask to make it darker for you when you’re sleeping.

If you’re a light-sensitive person and you find small nightlights and even illuminated clocks bothersome, you can always switch them off.

Use your bed for sleep

Use your bed for what it should be used for- four sleep and sex. Do not do anything else in your bed. You need to have a dedicated place for sleep because it is psychologically important. You need a comfortable place to lie down and stretch out, however you do not need expensive mattresses and bedding materials for that.

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