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Natural Ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation

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It's natural for men to be concerned about premature ejaculation (PE), and nonetheless avoid talking about it. While it is, for the most part, genetically, there are predisposing factors to the condition that can be treated naturally. Before men opt for enhancement pills, there are natural alternatives to these treatments that may not provide immediate results, but are generally more reliable and safer compared to chemical-packed treatments that pose adverse effects on your health in the long run.



When you think of exercises for penile health, your mind likely wanders to Jelqing and other viral methods that enhance size and performance. However, you don't have to perform a range of uncomfortable exercises to improve virility and sexual health; kegels for premature ejaculation are becoming a widely used treatment, primarily because of how quickly men are usually able to see results. In just twelve weeks of consistently doing kegels, men are usually able to see a drastic difference in their latency time.

 These exercises work on strengthening the urinary sphincter, which is responsible for controlling ejaculation. On the other hand, doing kegels also works to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which can help improve your overall performance.

Herbal Medicine

herbal medicine

With plenty of anecdotal evidence and recent studies on the effectiveness of traditional medicine in PE, ayurvedic medicine is becoming more popular to treat everything from inflammation and diabetes, to premature ejaculation. And contrary to popular belief, these herbs are not consumed through teas, but are best taken in capsule form, especially herbs such as kaunch beej and yauvanamrit vati. Because it's natural medicine, it can be taken on the daily one to two times with warm water.

On the other hand, Chinese herbal medicine is also gaining widespread popularity, with studies recently proving that men with PE can see a slight improvement in their latency time just a couple of weeks after consistently consuming the medicine. However, Chinese medicine such as Qilin pills and Yimsusake tablets work differently, seeing as they treat PE by strengthening the reproductive system as a whole, rather than targeting the urinary sphincter. Of course, because herbs give a slight difference, they're best used with exercises.


Although it may not seem like a natural treatment because you'll have to head to a drug store to purchase it, Lidocaine spray is a natural topical treatment that has little to no known side effects. It works by desensitizing the penis, and thus drastically improving the time it takes for men to ejaculate. It's best used by applying it ten to fifteen minutes before you expect to initiate sex with your partner. However, this treatment has a couple of known undesirable side effects, primarily lower libido and decreased pleasure during sex due to sensitivity loss. The trick is usually knowing how much you need. A couple of spritzes are usually all it takes; more is not better with Lidocaine spray.


Following a healthy diet can go a long way in naturally treating PE, primarily because this condition can be exacerbated by low testosterone levels. Although zinc is known to promote cell growth, it can also balance your hormonal levels and thus give your sex drive a needed boost. Recent studies have found that a deficiency in zinc and sex drive, as well as sex dysfunction in men, are strongly linked. With that said, you should make sure to consume your needed dietary intake, which is around eleven milligrams of zinc daily. You can also opt for supplements, which are also used in male enhancement pills. However, just like Lidocaine, more is not better. Zinc overdose can cause a myriad of undesirable side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, as well as kidney and stomach damage.


Edging is probably the most draining exercise you can do to improve your latency time, but it's also the most effective. This stop-start exercise works by adapting your body to control your orgasm. It's as simple as stroking or massaging your penis until it's erect and stopping before you can climax. You need to stop until you feel much less aroused before you repeat the process. This will help you strengthen your urinary sphincter, and have you gain much more control over ejaculation. With time, you'll notice an improved ability to hold an erection and controlling ejaculation.

Instead of opting for male enhancement pills, it's better to invest in exercises that can help improve your latency time and virility more effectively. When you pair these exercises with the right diet, you'll begin to see a major improvement in both virility and ejaculation control. Give yourself a few weeks before you decide on the efficacy of these treatments. If you don't see your desired results in twelve weeks, consult your physician for supplements and natural enhancements.