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How does Reiki work?

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Probably you have heard about Reiki and Reiki healing. Reiki is becoming more and more popular because of the many benefits it has to offer. Let's find out more about Reiki and how it works.

The human body is one amazing machine. You'll be surprised if you take note of how your body automatically takes care of all your breathing, circulation, digestion and other vital processes inside the body without you having to think about. Your body also has the phenomenal ability to bounce back and heal itself when it faces health problems, wounds and stress.

But sometimes it may be difficult for your body to heal itself. When you continuously faced different types of stress and intense stressful situations, it can impact you both physically and mentally. Negative beliefs and thoughts may find their home in your mind and they may bog down your entire system. If that happens, your body is self-regulating mechanisms may not run smoothly and that can result in decline of your body, mind and soul. During such times, you may become irritated or angry and often outbursts may happen will stop you may also suffer from other health problems like headaches, stomach aches, muscle tension and pain. You may feel depressed, restless and anxious. At the same time because of different reasons you may also start drinking alcohol, start overeating and get yourself some addictions which are not good for you.

During this time is Reiki can help you to get everything set right and help you to heal yourself.

How does it work?

Reiki is a spiritual healing art and it channels positive energy into your body. Reiki Masters and practitioners do this by placing their hands on the affected area of the body. They offer the positive energy necessary and your body takes the energy where most needed.

Reiki means powerful flow of positive energy into your body and it can bring in nearly immediate sensation of relief. You may feel it as it will help you to release tension immediately, reduce the impact of stress and will replace negative energy with the positive energy. In Reiki healing the positive energy is often known as life force. By offering you Reiki healing the Masters and practitioners can try to bring a new life to a stressed out, tired body.

Stress symptoms and Reiki

Reiki can help you to get rid of stress. It can boost your body's healing mechanism and that mechanism may start working again effectively. It can also reduce blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones. This happens as a response to the relaxation offered by Reiki. Reiki can also increase immune system strength. It can help you to changes the stress response of fight or flight to something better like relaxation response. Reiki will also help you by restoring balance to your body, mind and soul.

Reiki energies used in Reiki healing have a high and healthy frequency and potency. During the certification process Reiki Masters and practitioners always undergo and attunement process so that they can effectively channel the Reiki energies. You can use Reiki alone for the benefits mentioned or a can also combine it with traditional medicine any time you want.

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