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What is Reiki and how it can heal you

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Reiki is a Japanese technique which is used for healing physical and mental trauma and other problems. It is safe to provide mental clarity and spiritual well-being. Reiki means “spiritually guided life-force and energy.” A practitioner channels life force energy through his or her hands unto another to administer Reiki. The Reiki flows through the problematic parts of the body and the energy field in there and charges them with positive energy. If there are negative feelings and thoughts are contained in a specific area of the physical body, Reiki increases awareness in and around that specific part. Reiki can remove negative energy like stress, anxiety, physical pain, confusion, sadness and thereby clarify energy pathways.

How does Reiki healing work?

Reiki healing channelize is positive energy into your body whether practitioner places his or her hands on the affected area of the body. Their body takes the energy necessary for removing the negative energy. Powerful flow of positive energy happens and because of that your body may feel a nearly immediate sensation of relief. Reiki can help you in releasing tension, reducing the impact of stress and can replace negative energy with the positive energy. If you carry a stressed out, tired body, Reiki can help you to get a new fresh like body with its positive energy.

Reiki and stress symptoms

Because of stress you generally suffer from headaches and angry outbursts but if you undergo Reiki healing, you can eliminate all that negative problems and instead enjoy many health benefits. Reiki can help you to boost your body’s healing mechanisms and if they were not working effectively before, they will start working now. It can potentially reduce blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones with the help of the relaxation response. It can also increase immune system strength. When you undergo Reiki healing treatment, there will be a shift from the stress response of “fight or flight” to the relaxation response. Reiki healing will also help you by offering a restoration of balance to your body, mind and soul.


In Reiki healing, Reiki energies are used which have a high and healthy frequency and potency. Reiki masters undergo an atonement process which help them to effectively channel Reiki energies. You can use Reiki alone or in conjunction with traditional medicine whenever you feel the need of a powerful, beautiful boost.

Other benefits

Reiki can help you in different types of problems including extreme back pain and anxiety. A 2014 studies found Reiki may aid with depression and anxiety also another study done in 2011 found that Reiki administered on chemotherapies patients improve their well-being. However, if you approach Reiki is a form of mysticism and as an effective way to achieve a meditative state, the results are more concrete. Rated can achieve the same results like meditation like getting rid of addiction, chronic pain and insomnia.

Reiki is about bringing balance and harmony and that is why it is effective and different types of health problems and symptoms including pain, overwhelmed, stress, mental fatigue and depression, overcoming fears, weight-loss, healing past traumas and others. Besides that Reiki can also help you to achieve a deep feeling of peace and renewed sense of trust in yourself.

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