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Reiki-healing energy

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The world “Reiki” comes from to Japanese words which translate to “universal life force.” This is an energy found within all things. When you are trained in Reiki healing, you’ll learn to use that life force for healing the receiver.

Combination of East and West

The healing modality comes from Japan but it is now popular worldwide and even Western medicine has also recognize its benefits. Most of the major medical centers and hospitals are now using Reiki in an integrative healing method. Along with modern medicines, Reiki is often used as an alternative healing mechanism which has proved beneficial for many people. There are different scientific studies in different types of medical settings which have proven the benefits Reiki can offer to the patients suffering from different type of problems.

Symbols and spirit guides

Reiki healing and treatment includes the use of sacred symbols. In some of the traditions, you cannot learn those sacred symbols and use them if you are not initiated into the system. On some other paths, some of the symbols have been made public. You will find those signs and symbols in books and in the intranet.


Besides different types of symbols used in Reiki treatment and healing, Reiki practitioners can also call up and spirit guides or angels depending on the spiritual path. Reiki is however not a religion because people from different faiths can practice it.

Healing energy

Reiki healing generally takes place on emotional, spiritual and physical level. In this type of healing system, focus is given on the recipient’s chakra systems. There may be some imbalances in the chakra systems that a person has. Such imbalances may happen because of physical ailments of different types. At some other times it may be related to some sort of emotional or spiritual issue which are not yet resolved. It may be relationship issues, problems at work, anger at a parent or spouse or anything else. When the Reiki healer transfers Reiki energy into the recipient, the practitioner can help the individual heal through such issues. So, a Reiki healing process can help you to get over your physical, emotional and spiritual issues and problems which have been controlling and stopping you from moving ahead.

Benefits of Reiki

As you probably already know there are many benefits that Reiki can offer to you. It can be used to treat various ailments, both physical and emotional. Some of the common benefits of Reiki healing include-

Reiki healing can create emotional wounds from earlier in life. It can provide coming energy to anyone who is overwhelmed by stress. It can also purify food or drink by blessing them with Reiki energy. Reiki is a treatment often that can be used in tandem with conventional health practices and medicine. Reiki can also help you to improve or amplify spiritual awareness that you have. On a physical level, Reiki can help you to relieve pain caused by disease or injury. It can also provide therapeutic relief for someone who is grieving a loss.

It means Reiki healing can offer you so many benefits that there is no point in not trying it. You can easily try it because you can combine it with other types of treatment options including modern medicine.

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