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How lucid dreaming can help you to have a better life

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The real-world benefits of lucid dreaming are really wonderful and that is why it is becoming more and more popular among people. It is an all engrossing experience and an explosion to the senses. Lucid dreaming is like creating an alternative reality where you can be free of all your fears and inhibitions and you can be confident that you can do absolutely anything. Let’s find out what lucid dreaming can do for you.

Discover a personal meaning

You can use lucid dreams to consolidate your waking philosophies. Through Lucid dreaming, you’ll be able to find the meaning of your life for the present. It’ll help you to clearly see your philosophies and find out how you can use them in your daily life.

Talk to your true self

Lucid dreamers can summon and converse with their true selves. Frequent Lucid dreamers find that there may be a hidden awareness behind the dream. The true self is the observer, the wiser yourself and it speaks frankly and directly to you. It may be difficult to talk to your true self in the waking world but it can be easier for you to do so when you are in your dreams. Some experts also refers to it as a separate consciousness within you. You can think of it as a true self which is an awareness hidden by layers of misguided core believes which were developed in childhood and during brewing years.

Practice and improve real-life skills

In lucid dreaming, you’ll be able to practice and then improve real life skills. There is an example of a doctor who practised surgical cases for the next day during his sleep. This doctor had a reputation of excellence because of this. He was able to refine and polish his techniques much faster than the average surgeon. You can improve any physical scale while being Lucid because the tangible experience transfers to real-life muscle memory.

In the same way, mental and emotional responses can also be rehearsed while in a lucid dream and then that can improve your skills like public speaking. Practising during lucid dreaming can also help you to improve your skills at the real-world because that is practice after all.

Overcome fears and phobias

With the help of Lucid dreaming, you’ll be able to overcome your fears and phobias. If you’re afraid of something, you can do that in your dream without any risk. Doing that what you fear during a lucid dream is safe, you can slow down time, control different factors and happenings. For example, if you’re afraid of heights, you can jump out of an aeroplane in your lucid dreams. If you do that repeatedly you will feel better about your fear of heights in the waking world. When you practice it in your lucid dreams, it will create new mural patterns in your unconscious mind which will help you to overcome the fear for good.

Create your dream plots in advance

As a Lucid dreamer you’ll be able to create any image enabled dream scenario in advance. For that, you can use both dream induced and wake induced techniques. You’ll be able to set up elaborate plots before even going to sleep.

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