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How to start lucid dreaming

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Lucid dreaming has become a very interesting topic for many people. In lucid dreaming, you dream about things while knowing that you are dreaming. This is a completely new experience which is different from an ordinary dream. You can start lucid dreaming when you follow the following process-

Remember your ordinary dreams

You dream every day. Everybody does. You may not be able to remember them when you wake up. However, it is possible to remember your dreams. How you do it? Before you go to sleep, you can tell yourself the following phrase several times- “I will remember my dreams as soon as I wake up.” If you keep repeating this phrase, after some time you’ll be able to remember the dreams that you see every day.

Make a dream journal

For some people this is very easy, and for some this is tough. All you have to do is get a notebook and write about your dreams. Even if you write just a few sentences, that should be good enough. Why do you need this habit? You need it because it will help you to start remembering your ordinary dreams. It will create a habit for you and you’ll be able to remember your dreams.

Find the dream signs

In your ordinary dreams, you’ll see people or objects, which will make you wake up. Such dream signs will make you wake up in your dreams. You will need to find the dream signs.

Become consciously focused

Even though you’re conscious when you are awake, you may not be consciously focused. It means even though you are awake, you do not notice many things. When you learn something new, you become very much focused on that, but as you complete learning the new skill, you don’t need any more to focus so intensely. Be consciously focus and look around you so that you can see, feel, smell, hear and touch what you see. Being in the moment will not only help you to take notice of many things, but it will also help you to find inner calmness. When you can consciously focus on things when you are awake, you’ll be able to consciously focus on things when you are dreaming.

Am I dreaming?

You need to ask yourself the question “Am I dreaming?” Even though the obvious question may be no, but take some time and find out why you are not dreaming. Find out how you know that you are not dreaming and think about it. When you make it a habit, you will follow the same question pattern when you are dreaming. And these questions will help you to understand when you are dreaming in your dreams. It will help you to turn your dreams into lucid dreams.

Read about it

Many people have their first lucid dream just by reading about it. And when you have your first lucid dream, you will remember it for years.

Stay lucid

There are different techniques that you can employ to stay within a dream. Some people use self talk to calm themselves down. If sometimes you tend to lose your lucidity, you can always talk to yourself. This will calm you down. Then, you’ll be able to notice things is around you and what is happening in your dream. Some other people also use dream spinning to stay lucid. In this case, when you start losing your dream, you mentally spin like a tornado.  It will help you to stay in your dream. It will help your mind to stay lucid.



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