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Tips for Looking After your Back

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We all need to take good care of our backs. One wrong lift or turn and we could find ourselves with a bad back for life. It’s easy to damage your back without realising it so how can you take good care of your back so you’re less likely to suffer from back pain? This article will show you how:

Lift Correctly

Many people fail to lift correctly. When you’re lifting something heavy you should bend your knees as opposed to your back. When you bend your knees make sure your arms are the same height as the object you want to pick up. Lift by straightening your knees and place it down carefully. If you need help, ask for it. Do not try to lift something heavy by yourself.

Stretch your Back

Keep your back and your neck flexible by stretching them. When your back and neck are flexible they will maintain good joint function. You will also have a very good range of motion. When you have a good range of motion and good joint function you’re less likely to suffer from injuries.

Try to stretch your back at least twice a day. Stretch when you wake up in the morning and when you have been sitting down for a long time. This will help your back to stay flexible and you’re also likely to feel better for stretching, especially if you’ve been at the office all day.

Stay Active

If you’re not physically fit you’re more likely to suffer from lower back pain. Try to keep your spine healthy by going for a walk, hopping on your bicycle, going to the gym or going for a swim. Simply try to stay active as this can make a real difference. If you do have problems with your back speak to a chiropractor who will give you some advice.

Start off slowly and build up your level of exercise. You don’t have to exercise a lot every day, just make sure you do at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

Stay Hydrated

Not a lot of people are aware that staying hydrated is vital if you want to look after your back. Your spinal disks are affected by the loss of hydration. This means they will lose height. When your disks lose height you will be much more likely to suffer from a painful back. Stay hydrated so your spinal disks don’t become herniated.

Make Changes to Your Work Space

Make sure that your desk is set up properly. Ensure that your chair gives your lower back some support. Rest your feet on the floor and your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. If you have to use the phone hold it up to your ear using a hand or use a headset. Holding the phone in place with your shoulder can cause neck pain. https://callescort.ch/zurich-escorts/

Looking after your back will ensure your back can look after you for many years to come. Making a few changes to how you stretch, how much you drink, and how you sit can work wonders. Lift correctly and stay active and your back is less likely to cause you pain.