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Vitamin Drip Therapy: The Science Behind This Celebrity Beauty Secret

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vitamin drip therapy

You may have heard of vitamin drip therapy as it is becoming increasingly popular with an array of celebrities, as is IV infusion.

In fact, vitamin drip therapy has been around since the 1950s, it's just been a well-kept secret until now.  It's not so different from daily massages except that instead of hot stones or similar techniques there is an IV drip connected to each person.

The theory is that vitamin drip therapy will restore the youthful glow of your skin, increase your energy levels and even help you to resist an array of diseases. Of course, you need to choose a reputable clinic for your iv therapy Sydney.

The Science

Vitamins are essential for your health. For example, vitamin B3 is important to your body to ensure that it produces enough NAD, a compound that allows your cells to create energy.

NAD levels reduce as you age, boosting them by taking a vitamin B3 supplement will help you to resist the effects of aging.

The same can be said of vitamin D which helps to ensure healthy bones and organs.

You can take all these vitamins via a traditional pill. However, IV drips have been used by the medical profession for years as a faster and more efficient method of delivering nutrients to the body. The reason is simple, the nutrients are put directly into your bloodstream, this allows your body instant access to them and ensures you receive the complete dose.

By taking vitamin supplements via vitamin drip therapy you're simply applying the same scientific principle to vitamin supplements.

In addition, taking your vitamins through drip therapy is an easier way to take your supplements if you have any digestive issues. Because the drip bypasses the stomach there are no digestive issues.

Common Vitamins in a Drip Therapy

Vitamin C is one of the most common additions to drip therapy as it is very effective at boosting your immune system. But, you'll also find all the B vitamins in a vitamin drip; these are essential to a huge number of chemical processes in your body, specifically energy, focus, and attention.

As well as vitamins it is common to add magnesium as it helps your body to recover faster. Zinc and selenium are also good for the immune system and support correct thyroid function.

In addition, you'll find amino acids which help your brain to stay healthy and glutathione has been shown to reduce the effects of aging and can even be effective at reducing the risk of cancer or even help to prevent the development of Parkinson's disease.

It's important to note that you can choose your own mixture of vitamins, in conjunction with expert help, this will help to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs in the easiest way possible.

Of course, inserting a needle into your vein causes a brief pain, the same as an IV drip. This is the extent of the discomfort during your 45-60 minute session.

You're in great company if you choose to try this new approach to slowing the aging process.