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3 supercool tips for a clean and serene health regime

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Good health is the foundation of a happy life.

But uncertainties about national stability and employment mean poor mental health is combining with physical conditions to form a toxic cocktail.

The American Psychological Association 2017 Stress in America survey reported that 59 per cent of Americans consider this era the lowest point in US history.

And a 2018 UK Mental Health Foundation survey revealed that 74 per cent of Brits felt so stressed in the preceding year that they'd been unable to cope.

In testing times, too many of turn to unhealthy food and lifestyle choices.

But there are more natural ways to unwind ” here are three supercool tips for a clean and serene health regime.


  • Combat sports


Combat sports are hard to beat for developing mental focus, destressing and achieving peak physical fitness.

So the explosive movements, defence techniques and attack drills in arts like Ninjutsu, Karate and MMA combine for an awesome workout.

And the philosophies that inform these activities instil a sense of discipline, determination and self-worth that transfers to every aspect of life.

But if you want to combine the adrenalin-surge of throwing combination kicks and punches with the bass-heavy ambience of a niche nightclub, drum and bass boxing workout Fight Klub offers a cathartic experience like no other.

If pounding punchbags in the middle of a euphoric crowd while grooving to some of the best British dance music sounds superb, find your nearest session online.


  • Yoga


Activities like yoga, meditation and mindfulness emerged from the Buddhist tradition and gained traction in the west through the popularity of figures like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1960s counterculture.

If you can lose your inhibitions enough to don lycra and assume positions like the cat and cow in a class of enthusiasts, there's every chance yoga can gradually help you achieve a much more positive perspective on life than you previously thought possible.

And if you'd like to blend beer drinking with energising eastern philosophy, alcohol aficionados Ballast Point Brewing Company run regular beer and yoga sessions in locations like Long Beach and San Diego ” check the website for details.

Stretching your limbs while sinking a cold one sounds sublime ” but limiting yourself to a couple of bottles will prevent you toppling over during a sun salutation.


  • Superfoods


There's little doubt that most of us are aware by now what basically constitutes a healthy diet ” consuming plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and cutting down on processed foods lays the foundation.

But superfoods from natural and organic sources can really help cleanse your system and support everything from a natural sleep cycle to joint repair and delaying the effects of ageing.

Online health and wellbeing superstore Kijani Living has a wide range of convenient superfood products to supplement your diet ” including probiotic bars containing spirulina and pumpkin protein, sugar alternatives like lacuma powder and coffee substitutes created from ingredients like black maca roots and sustainable cacao powder.

Fuelling your body system with natural products undoubtedly boosts overall vitality.

So there are three supercool tips for a clean and serene health regime ” start today for a healthier tomorrow.

What's great about your health regime? Share your tips in the comments section.