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How to get more energy from your food

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If you want to get more energy from the food that you consume every day, you will need to follow a few important tips. Let's find out how you can get more energy from your food.

Don't go hungry

This is a very important rule that you will need to follow. If you have not eaten enough, you will not be able to perform your daily activities properly and you will not be able to exercise. To ensure that your blood sugar is not going down and to sustain your energy, you need to eat small meals throughout the day. You can have three meals and two snacks. Pick complex carbs because that will help you to sustain blood sugar levels, which will boost your energy. Whole grains are good for you because they have carbohydrate and fiber in them which are good for you.

Do not be thirsty

Never allow yourself to get dehydrated. Don't get dehydrated at any point of time. Issued have not consume enough liquid, you will feel lightheaded, dizzy and confused. It will also increase your heart rate and breathing rate. In such a condition, you will not be able to perform your regular activities. If you're exercising don't wait till you feel thirsty. You need to drink 6 to 8 glasses of liquid before and after your exercise. While exercising in between sets when you rest, you can drink little bit of water.

Find the right protein

Protein will provide you with the staying power which is very important for your daily activities and also when you exercise. It will also enhance your ability to exercise more and push yourself more. In daily life, it will help you to keep going for a longer duration. Protein is important because it will reduce the rising blood sugar after a meal or snack. In this process, it will extend your energy availability. You need to combine protein and carbohydrates in every meal and snack. In general, you need 0.5 to 0.75 g of protein per pound of bodyweight per day for a normal man. Some of the good sources of protein include poultry, fish, lean meat, low-fat dairy products, nuts, legumes and nut butter.


For you, it may not be possible to gain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your food. If that is the case, you will need to add supplements to your diet. Consuming the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins are very important for getting the necessary energy. In that case, you will have to add supplement to your diet so that you get the necessary nutrients to provide you with the necessary energy. In some cases you need some specific vitamins and minerals and if you're not getting it from your food, you will have to add a supplement which will provide that. For example, women need enough iron in their diet. If it is not available in the food, they can always take a supplement that provides iron. Take a regular multivitamin and mineral supplement, because it will provide you with the important and essential vitamins and minerals. You should also ensure that the multivitamin you are consuming has zinc in it, because your body may not be able to get it from the food but it is very important for functioning of more than 200 enzymes in the body.


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