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Hypnosis and weight loss

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When you try to lose weight, there is no magic bullet quick fix. You need to work for it and need to find the right solution for yourself. Many people go for different types of diet and exercise programs which promise to help them to lose weight. Some other people liked more drastic solutions which can get faster results and such drastic solutions include gastric banding and gastric sleeve surgery. However, there is something which is new and most probably safer than such surgeries. Virtual gastric banding via hypnosis is one such new technique which can help you to lose weight.

What is it?

In the gastric band hypnotherapy, hypnosis is used to make the client believe that he/she has undergone an actual lap banding procedure. The client goes on the hypnosis and with the use of suggestions and sometimes a soundtrack of hospital noises the client is suggested that he/she has undergone an actual banding procedure. Then the client starts to believe it and also starts to get the benefits of a gastric band procedure.

This method helps in managing portion control in the conscious state. The Virtual gastric band approaches becoming more and more popular because it is considered safer since there is no actual surgery is done in this case.


Hypnosis is the process of reaching a state of deep relaxation which is very similar to trance. During this state, the client is given suggestions. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been there for a long time and it has been used in ancient time as well.

It is now called as hypnotherapy and it is generally used for trip meant of anxiety, phobias, addiction, panic attacks, sleep problems and weight problems. Hypnotherapy tries to change the way of thinking and behaviour and thereby it tries to change how the person behaves.

Can hypnosis help in weight loss?

Hypnosis can work well for people who are looking for help with weight loss. Virtual lap banding is therefore quite some time now and it works well on many people. However, weight loss is complex and it also depends on the motivation and trigger for eating or overeating. Such triggers are different for different people and so the hypnotherapist should be good at the process. It is very important to take into consideration the difference in people so as to ensure that this process works for the client.

In case of gastric band hypnotherapy, one size may not fit all. Many experts hypnotherapist have been using this but they also point out that different people have different ideas, motivation and figures and a virtual band procedure can be successful when all the factors and issues are taken into consideration while doing this procedure.

In case of people for whom gastric band hypnotherapy works in a great way, hypnosis can help them in dealing with negative self-talk and shortcuts self-sabotage when it comes to diet. It is also useful for people who are overweight as a symptom of a past trauma.

Combination can be better

Combining gastric band hypnotherapy with traditional weight management solutions can be better for many people. After losing weight, it is equally important to keep the weight off for a long term. Since weight loss is complex and weight maintenance is also complex, it becomes more important to go for a comprehensive with management practice that includes different processes.


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