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How to eat your favourite foods and still lose weight

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When you try to loseweight, it becomes a difficult struggle for you because you need to follow a certain diet and restrict many of the things that you love. It becomes increasingly difficult for you to stay away from the foods that you love but at the same time you want to lose your extra body fat and weight.

However, if you know the right way of doing it, it'll be possible for you to eat your favourite foods and still lose fat and weight.


Whenever you are hungry, you should eat but you should eat until you are comfortable are full of food low in calorie density. Do not starve yourself and do not over stuff yourself. Simply eat when you're hungry. Do not eat when you are not hungry.

Stop liquid calories

You should be very careful about not drinking more calories in liquid form. Soft drinks or fruit juice have high amount of sugar in them but they do not provide any satiety. They do not fill you up as much as solid foods with the same amount of calories. As a result of that, you tend to drink more and that adds more and more calories to your body. Those calories are stored as fat by your body. So if you're trying to lose weight and fat, the first thing that you need to do is top drinking those high calorie drinks including soda, soft drinks or fruit juices. Even the packaged fruit juices which are considered healthy contain high levels of sugar and so it's important for you to avoid them too.

Sequence meals

Whenever you are having a meal, you should start it with a salad, soup or fruit. This is necessary to ensure that you are already filling a portion of your belly and reducing the space inside. These of the foods that are lowest in calorie density. So, when you eat them before your meal you are filling up your belly with fewer calories and as a result of that you are likely to consume less amount of food which will also reduce the total number of calories.

Know about the calorie density

It is important to know about calorie density and the calorie density of different types of foods. There are different categories of calorie density like low-calorie density, moderates calorie density, high calorie density and very high calorie density. Whenever you are consuming anything, it is important to keep in mind about the calorie density categories and it's very important to avoid or limit high calorie dense foods. If possible, you need to eat more of the low calorie density foods because they will add fewer calories to your body. Non-starchy vegetables are the lowest in calorie density and fat and oil are the highest. So, it means when you add more non-starchy vegetables to any dish, it will help you to reduce the total calorie density of any. This is a good principle that you can follow and it will always help you to reduce the total calorie density of the meals you are consuming, thereby reducing the number of calories going in to your body.


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