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How to lose weight while eating more food

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Even if you are eating more food, it is possible to lose weight. Let's find out how you can do that.

There are seven choices which will help you to lose weight while eating more food. You'll be able to eat foods that you love and still lose weight.

Whole grain foods

Full grain foods include old weight, brown rice, cereals, whole grain breads, waffles and they are always a better choice than refined white foods. These whole grain foods are generally higher in fibre, contain more nutrition and are more filling. It means, while you eat these foods, you can even consume more without adding more calories to your body. Adding more calories your body is the main reason why you are adding more fat in different parts of the body and also not losing weight when you try to do so.

Foods high in water

You need more foods high in water because they naturally contain fewer calories because of their fluid content. Fruits, vegetables, gelatine, soups and hot cereals contain about 80 to 95% water and so they are good for you. On the other hand, foods like yogurt, puddings eggs, beans, pasta and seafood contain 60 to 75% water.

For example, if you are eating one 3/4 cup of grapes it will take longer and it'll be much more satisfying than eating ¼ cup of raisins even though they may have the same calories. By consuming foods with more water content, you are reducing the amount of food that you need to consume to feel satisfied and full. That means you are adding less calories in every meal.

Low fat foods

You need low fat foods as they can help you to achieve more calorie savings. Fat has more than twice the calories of protein and carbohydrates. So reduce the amount of fat going into your body. You can do that by consuming more and more lower fat foods. For example, if you consume 8 ounces of skimmed milk, your body will receive 86 calories, but if you consume whole milk of the same quantity, your body will get 150 calories. Light mayonnaise, light salad dressings and low-fat dairy products can help you to reduce the number of calories going into your body while satisfying your taste buds.

Fast food

Fast food is considered as a main culprit in weight gain because many of them are full of fat and calories. However, enjoying an occasional fast food will not harm you much but if you frequently go to fast food outlets and consume fast food that is something you will have to avoid. Even in your first food outlets, there are some comparatively better and healthier options available which are also tastier. For example, grilled chicken sandwich all your work and food parfaits are better choices. If possible go for a whole grain bread that comes with lettuce and tomato and a side fruit salad.


There are some sweet options which will not destroy your weight loss journey. Fat-free frozen yogurt, sorbet, light churned ice creams, fruit-based desserts and simple cookies are some of the options which will satisfy your sweet tooth without adding too many calories to your body. Avoid those sweet dishes which are full of calories. If you are very selective in deciding on the sweet dish, it will be possible for you to avoid lots of calories while enjoying the sweets.


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