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How avoiding sugar can help you to lose weight

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If you can reduce or completely eliminate sugar from your diet, it will help you to achieve your objective of losing weight. Let's find out how avoiding sugar can help you to lose weight.

It reduces a lot of calories

When you eliminate or reduce the amount of sugar from your diet, it will reduce a lot of calories from your diet. So your body will receive less number of calories. One teaspoon of white sugar has about 70 kilojoules or 16 calories. This sugary foods not only contains lots of calories but they also contain fat and refined starches and those products again and lots of calories to your body. We generally do not consume sugar alone but we take it with fat and refined starches like cake, biscuits, which contain flour, fat and sugar.

If you reduce just one can of soft drink, you'll be able to eliminate 555 kilojoules (130 calories) and 34 g sugar. If you consume a doughnut, you are adding 950kJ (225 calories) and 13 g sugar to your body. One energy drink can will add 480kJ (115 calories) and 28g sugar, one chocolate bar will add 910kJ (215 calories) and 29 g sugar and one choc chip muffin will end 1245 (295 calories) and 13 g sugar to your body. That's a lot of calories going into your body and it will add more fat to your body and will also negatively impact different processes happening inside. When you reduce or eliminate these many calories it will not only help you to lose fat and weight but it will also help you to have a healthy body.

So, finding out those products which are adding more and more calories to your body without actually helping you to have a healthy body is important because it will help you to decide which of the products that you can and should avoid.

Sugar is a marker for highly processed foods

There are some foods which you should not consume according to nutritionist. But these are the foods which are there in our modern society. When you quit sugar, you'll be able to eliminate such unwanted foods. Lollipops, chocolate biscuits, cupcakes, fizzy drinks, frappucinnos are some of the products that you should remove from your diet because they contains very high level of calorie but nutritionally they are very poor. They also come in huge portions and contain added colours, flavours and preservatives which are not good for your health. Such products also have a high GI and so it's not good for your health. The fiber level is very low in such foods. You're not losing anything when you eliminate those products from your life.

All such foods have one ingredient in common and that is sugar. Sugar is a marker for such highly processed foods. Sugar is added for sweetness and flavour. Sugar is also used because it balances the acidity and preserves the food by preventing bad bacteria from growing.

When you quit such highly processed foods, you will be able to add more healthy foods which will provide you with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients without adding too many calories your body. There are always substitutes and replacement for such sugary and highly processed foods. You can choose a natural product which is available in place of such highly processed junk foods.


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