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The benefits of a polyphasic sleep schedule

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A polyphasic sleep schedule offers many benefits for you. Let's find out what benefits you can get from it.

Better sleep quality

When you go for a polyphasic sleep schedule, you will have a better overall sleep quality. Quality is more important in case of sleep than quantity. Even if you sleep for 10 to 12 hours but not yet refreshed, you will not be able to achieve much during the day. When you go for polyphasic sleep, it will improve your sleep density and stability. The quality of such a sleep is higher than any other type sleep. The overall sleep quality will improve significantly

Immediate REM sleep

REM sleep is one of the most essential stages of the sleep cycle. In general adults spend about 20% (which is about 1 ½ hours) in REM sleep every night. REM is important for you because it helps you to restore the energy in your body. If you go for polyphasic sleep schedule, you're likely to get into REM or deep sleep immediately. REM sleep is more important than NREM (non-REM) sleep or light sleep.

Use your time more efficiently

When you of for a polyphasic schedule, you will have more time to do more things. Whether it's some errands or work assignments or anything else that you need to do during the day, you will have more time for things to do and your mind will also be working at full capacity during this time. Your efficiency will increase because of more focus on each of the works that you are doing during the day and at night.

Multiple Brain breaks

When you opt for a polyphasic sleep schedule, you are giving your brain multiple breaks. So your body and your mind will rest for short periods multiple times throughout the day. Since a polyphasic sleep schedule involves REM cycle, your brain will be restored several times in a single day instead of just one time when you go for a monophasic sleep schedule. It means you'll be at your best several times during the day.

Better mental clarity

A polyphasic sleep schedule will help you to improve your mental clarity. REM sleep is very important to improve mental capacity and clarity when you are working and in a polyphasic sleep schedule, REM sleep is what you get. REM sleep can actively and noticeably restore your brain functions. You'll have a fresh and clear mind and because of that you will feel great. Since you are resting your brain several times during the day and at night, your mental clarity will be at its best most of the time and for a longer duration in comparison to a monophasic sleep schedule.

Be an early riser or night owl

When you go for a polyphasic sleep schedule, you can be both a night owl and an early riser and enjoying the benefits of both. You'll be active in the early morning hours and will complete lots of your work during this time. You will also be active when the sun sets after you complete one of those power naps and you'll also get lot many things done during the night. Your productivity will improve significantly because you are finding more time and all such times will be very productive.


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