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Grip strength exercises that will increase your grip strength

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The following exercises will help you to increase your grip strength.

Hand grippers

You will find handgrip hours in different fitness and health stores. Use of a hand gripper is one of the best ways to train your crash grip. Actual hand grippers should be very difficult to close. Choose one that is challenging for you because only that will improve your hand grip. There are different types of hand grippers available at different prices. They are available in different tensions and you need to choose one which will help you to increase your hand grip strength by challenging your existing strength. While training with them, you need to go for repetitions and max close. Holding them at close for a set or maximum period of time will also help you to increase your grip strength. Initially, you can start with 2 to 4 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions with a lighter gripper.

Barbell holds

Barbell holds will help you to increase your grip strength. You can easily set it up by yourself. In a squat rack with the pins set just under where you would lock out a dead lift will help you to setup barbell holds for yourself. You don’t have to dead lift, all you have to do is hold onto it. Grab the bar with a double overhead grip. It should be at about shoulder width. Now stand tall. Hold for some time. That is one rep for you. You can do 3 to 5 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Farmer’s carries

In this exercise, you will need two dumbbells or kettle bells. You get hold of the weights and stand-up and then walk a specific distance or for a specific duration of time. It is effective because the exercise adds motion to your grip. So, it challenges your forearms and also your core muscles, shoulders and hips. Start small and then gradually increase the weight and the distance and the time to get more benefit from this exercise.

Towel or rope pullups

This is a modified exercise which will help you to do two things at the same time. It will help your back muscles and shoulder while helping you to improve your grip strength. Get a towel in the gym. If you do not have any towel service, you can take a few dish towels. Drape towels over a standard pullup bar and grip them tight. Now perform your regular pool up sets. Initially you will find it challenging but it will tremendously help your grip strength.

Plate pinches

You can use plates for plate pinches which is a very good exercise for your hand grips. You need to take two plates that are flat on one side and pinch them together for some time. You can start with two 5lbs plates and pinch them together for 30 seconds. Do several sets of this exercise. Once it becomes too easy for you, you can simply an increase the weight and the number of plates that you use for pinching. Within a few weeks, you will see considerable increase in your grip strength.


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