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Why is grip strength training important?

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Training your grip strength is very important for you because it has direct impact on your life and your health. Let's find out why it is important.

You are only as strong as your grip

When you are exercising, your strength will depend on the strength of your grip. Many times your grip slip of fatigue which do not allow you to do another rep or use the maximum weight possible. Even before your other muscles give out, your grip gives out during workouts. Your grip strength is important for performing exercises like deadlifts, bicep curls, trap exercises and most of the exercises that you perform where you need to push or pull. You can be as strong as your grip allows. If you need to hang, lift or push weights, you can only do that much which your grip allows. In many powerful movements, you need to carry weight around where you need to hold on to and control the weight. If you do not have the necessary grip strength, how can you do that? If your grip exhausts fast, it will not only limit the number of reps, but will also limit the weight you can use and the amount of work that you can perform.

A powerful grip is necessary for your core

If you want to build your core and achieve a well sculpted core, you will need a powerful grip. The most effective abdominal exercise is hanging leg raise. If you do not have a strong group, it will not be possible for you to perform this exercise. Many people cannot do it and so they go for other types of abdominal exercises which are easier than but not as effective as hanging leg raise. It means, you are not getting the results that you could have got. It is like avoiding getting stronger. And all that because you do not have a strong grip. A strong group will mean a strong body, a well sculpted body and improvement in overall performance.

There are many athletes who need to focus on group training before the training programs because of the nature of their sport. MMA, judo, BJJ, gymnastics, are some of such sports where you will need a strong grip. Similarly, Ninja warriors, combat warriors and rock climbers also need a very strong grip because their life depends on it.

A firm handshake

Your handshake can tell a lot many things. It is the first way of communicating and your grip strength can deliver a lots of messages through the handshake. You need to have a firm handshake so as to be considered as a confident person. If you have a weak grip, it may send a message that you are not confident and you do not believe yourself because you have a weak handshake.

Big forearm

If you want big forearms, then you will need very good grip strength. If you want to increase the size, girth of your arms, you will need to do some exercises. Such exercises should help your biceps, triceps and forearms. For doing biceps, triceps, forearm exercises you will need a very good grip strength. If you have big forearms and strong hands, it portrays you as a powerful person. That is very impressive and it can help you to communicate better by creating a favourable image of yourself when you are communicating with others.


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