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How to increase your grip strength

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If you want to increase your grip strength, the following tips will help you to do so.

Stop weaknesses

When in the gym, stop using tools like wrist straps and other grip aids. You need to challenge your grip and not encourage the weaknesses if you have any. Instead of encouraging the weaknesses, you need to stop them and make yourself stronger. If you keep using those tools, your body will start to rely on them and will become dependent on them. It will make your forearm weaker. Instead of that, you need to challenge yourself and your grip and perform the exercises without any type of aids. Initially, it may be difficult for you but gradually over time your strength will increase and it will last forever. If necessary, you can lift less weight for a few weeks until your grip strength increases.

Lift heavy

If you want to increase your grip strength, you will need to lift heavy. Instead of doing unlimited numbers of light wrist curls, you need to focus on lifting heavy because that will serve two purposes for you. First of all, it will help you to complete your workout and secondly will help you to train your grip at the same time. You do not have to spend extra time working on your grip because while lifting heavy, your grip will also be worked and needs strength will increase. You can incorporate heavy deadlifts, body weight rows, pull-ups and they will help you to develop your entire arm and not just your grip. Constantly challenge yourself by adding more and more weight because besides helping you in building more muscle and overall body, it will also work on your grip and increase the grip strength. There are different exercises where you will need to hold dumbbells while performing the exercises. Perform those exercises because they will serve the dual purpose of helping you exercise and at the same time improving your grip strength.

Train the grip often

If you want to increase your grip strength, the only way that you can do that is to train them more. You need to train your grip every day and then it will become stronger. Whenever you are in the gym and you are pulling or lifting something that is an opportunity to train your grip. Each and every pulling and pushing exercises will strengthen your grip. If you do it for a few weeks, you will see that your grip strength has suddenly jumped and now you have very strong grips. It will also develop your forearms. Those exercises which employ your grip more like farmers walk can be used as both a core and forearm finisher.

Grip builders

You will find some grip builders which can be used for increasing your grip strength. Use them. Towels, fat gripz and other such tools are available which you can add to your existing workout and which will increase your grip strength. Such grip builders will amplify your results. Simple towels can make your exercises more exciting and more difficult for your grades but they will help you by improving your grip strength. For example, used to towels to hang from while performing pull-ups. It will not only make the exercise difficult and more effective for you, but it at the same time will work on your grips and will increase the grip strength.

You can either incorporate grip strength exercises in your existing workouts or you can find out some separate grip strength training exercises.


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