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How to improve your digestion

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There are some effective ways which can help you to improve your digestion.

Add probiotics to your diet

By adding probiotics to your diet, you can improve your digestion. Probiotics are strains of beneficial bacteria that live in your digestive system. These microorganisms are beneficial for you, they live in your intestines and produce vitamins and short chain fatty acids which are essential for other beneficial bacteria. There are important for health gut flora. These bacteria are beneficial because they can aid in digestion. Take a supplement of probiotics which will add more beneficial bacteria to your gut. You can also consume probiotic such as kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and combucha.

Change your eating habits

By changing your eating habits, you will be able to improve your digestion. The way you eat your food has a big impact on how your digestive system works. If you change some of your eating habits, they can have positive impact on your digestive system and digestion.

Always try to eat in a relaxed environment and try to focus on eating. This is also known as mindful eating. Switch of the television and your phone so that it becomes possible for you to fully focus on the food you are eating and how you are eating it. Try to notice how your food tastes, looks, smells and feels when you eat them. Do not eat anything if you are in a bad mood. While eating, do not forget to chew each mouthful of food thoroughly before swallowing it. When you chew your food, it breaks down to smaller particles and that is a very essential step in digestion. If you chew your food more, the more it will be broken down and the more it is better for your digestion. When you chew your food, saliva is released from glands in your mouth and then it can begin chemical digestion of the food before it reaches your stomach.

Eat more real foods

If you want better health and better digestion, it is essential to eat more real foods. If there are excessive toxins in your body, they can cause different digestive problems like diarrhoea, constipation, IBS and others. You need to eliminate those foods which cause inflammation in your body. Replace such foods with Paul, nourishing and nutrient dense foods. Such foods will reset your digestive system and will help you to troubleshoot whatever is going on in there.

Avoid the artificial sweeteners because they can drastically affect the gut bacteria and gut bacteria are very important for digestion. Reduce processed foods in your diet because they add more empty calories to your body without any nutrient value and they are often full of refined sugars.

Stay hydrated

Water is crucial for your health and it is also very important for digestion. You will need water to digest solid food and to absorb nutrients properly. If you are not drinking enough water, your body's performance will decrease. When that happens it will result in dehydration and decrease of blood pressure which can result in constipation. You need at least 80 ounces of water every day. However, do not drink water with your meal. You need to drink the water between your meals. If you drink water with your meal, it will dilute stomach acid, which is vital for optimal digestion. If there is not enough stomach acid, your dietician will not be optimal and that may result in many health problems including constipation.


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