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How to gain weight for women

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If you are a woman and you want to gain weight because you’re too slim, it is possible to do that. You need to focus on a few important elements when you want to gain more weight. Let’s find out how you can gain more weight.

Increase your calorie intake

You will need to consume an additional 500 calories every day. It is very important for you to consume these additional calories because that will help you to gain more weight and muscle mass. However, you should get these extra calories in a healthy way. You need calorie rich foods that also contain vitamins and nutrients. Even though junk foods can also offer you extra calories but they do not for you any vitamins and nutrients and they are not healthy because they have a negative impact on your body and so you should avoid junk foods.

Consume more healthy fats

You will need to consume more fats but that fat should be healthy. Foods that contain healthy fats are also full of nutrients and high in calories. First, foods containing plant fats should be your first choice. Such foods include nuts, seeds, peanut butter, avocados and olive oil. It is also possible to get some healthy fats from animal sources but he should consume them in moderation because they contain saturated fats which are not very healthy. Some of the foods that contain healthy animal fats include lean meats and full fat dairy products.

Eat more protein

Eating more protein is very important for you when you’re trying to gain weight. Without more protein, and you will not be able to gain more weight in a healthy way.  Protein will help you to build lean muscles without adding much fat. It is also important for you when you’re performing strength training to increase your strength and body weight. Some of the good sources of protein are lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, whole grains, dairy products and legumes. Choose the sources of protein that you like and add them to your diet. You can also drink protein shakes which can be made from different protein rich foods. You can add a protein supplement to smoothies and juices which will increase the amount of protein you’re consuming.

Cook using oil or butter

If you want to increase your weight, you need to consume more calories. It is possible to increase the amount of calories by simply cooking using oil or butter. It can stir fry vegetables on butter or olive oil. He can also add olive oil in your salad. When you add 1 tablespoon of these fats to your dish, that will add around 100 calories to your meal. However, ensure that you do not use too much oil or butter because that will add too much fat to your body and it is also unhealthy. Always choose the healthier fats which include olive, safflower or canola oil.

Drink more calories

Besides consuming more calories through different foods, you can also drink more calories. Consume more calorie laden drinks and that will help you to gain more weight without ruining your appetite or making you feel bloated. You can drink a big glass of orange juice in the morning with your breakfast because it is not only tasty but it also contains lots of calories. You can also drink a glass or two of milk during the day. Milk is important to you because it will provide you lots of protein and calcium which are important for adding more masts to your body.

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