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How to gain weight for women

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If you are skinny and if you have a high metabolism, gaining weight may be little difficult for you. However, there are ways to gain weight and look better than you are. Let's find out how it is possible for you to gain weight.

Calorie and nutrient density

You do not want to eat more junk food and simply put on weight because it's a very unhealthy choice and it will add only flab or fat to your body. This unhealthy choice will be really problematic for you in the long run. Instead of the foods like pastries, cookies, French fries, hot dogs, ice creams, which will add weight along with sugar, fats and additives, you need some healthy choices which will be a nutrient-packed diet. This diet will help your body to repair itself if you have been suffering from an eating disorder or if you were malnourished. You need foods which are both calorie and nutrient dense. They will provide you with the important calories that you need along with the nutrients necessary for your body. You can easily add 500 cals a day by consuming foods which a nutrient dense. Such foods include nuts and nut butter, seeds, olives and olive oil, avocado, dried fruits, whole grains, fresh fruits, lean protein and dairy.

Meal strategies

You need to create meal strategies for yourself to gain weight. You will have many options to add high calorie, nutrient filled foods to your diet. In your breakfast, you can add Greek yogurt, banana slices and some walnuts. Oatmeal is another option that you have which is very healthy and beneficial for your health. While preparing breakfast instead of water, you can use whole milk. If you want to add toast to your breakfast, use whole-grain bread and almond butter.

During lunch, you can add a lean protein source to your existing diet. Such lean protein sources include grilled chicken are baked tofu. You can also add tuna, cottage cheese and avocado to your lunch. Other fruits like banana, mango are also good for you as they will help you to gain more weight and muscle.

For dinner, ensure that you have enough proteins in this meal. Proteins are essential for building muscles and looking better. Salmon, sweet potato, broccoli, olive oil are some of the good choices which should be there in your dinner. First results you can have dark chocolates which will provide you with and compounds called as flavanols, which are good for your heart health.

If you find it very difficult to eat large males, you can always break down your meals into five or six smaller meals and that will help you to eat more.

Quick snacks

A few quick snacks will help you in your efforts to gain weight. Include high-calorie snacks in your meal plan. Such week high-calorie snacks can include a half cup of nuts, raisins are some of the choices you have. You can also have between meals smoothies if you want to gain weight. There are different ways to prepare weight gain smoothies and the recipes are available everywhere. If necessary, add a protein powder source to your smoothie so that you can get the necessary protein which you are not getting from your food.


Without exercise, it will not be possible to gain weight. Focus on muscle building training programs and exercises and ensure that you are getting at least three days of exercise every week.


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