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Why do you gain weight even when you don’t want to?

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There are a few reasons which force your body to gain weight even when you don’t want to.

You eat more highly processed foods

Foods which are healthy are minimally processed or not processed at all. Ports, frozen foods and yogurt are minimally processed. However, on the other hand the foods that are highly processed often result in weight gain because of their content. Such foods include sugary cereals, fast food and microwave dinners and they contain added sugars, harmful ingredients, preservatives and unhealthy fats. Various scientific studies have found direct link between highly processed foods and weight gain. If you are consuming ultra-processed foods, you are 32% more likely to be obese in comparison to people who do not consume such foods.

Too much sugar

If you are consuming too much sugar, you’re likely to gain weight. If you’re regularly consuming sugary foods and beverages like candy, cakes, soda, sports drinks, ice cream, ice cream and sweetened coffee drinks, you’re likely to gain more weight. Too much sugar will not only increase your weight, it will also increase the risk of chronic health conditions including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It has been proven in different types of scientific studies conducted in different parts of the world.

A sedentary lifestyle


This is another reason why you are gaining more weight than you want to. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, the possibility of gaining more weight and becoming obese will increase manifold. Inactivity results in weight gain and chronic diseases. If you’re working a desk, you are in the job very need to sit for several hours during the day, if you do not exercise regularly and if you are a couch potato, the possibility of gaining weight is more in your case. Not only that, a sedentary lifestyle will also result in different types of medical problems for you. Work related tasks and watching TV are the two largest contributors that resulted in a sedentary lifestyle for many people.

Yo-yo dieting

If you are engaged in yo-yo dieting that can also force you to gain more weight even though you started such dieting initially to lose weight and fat from your body. Yo-yo dieting means cycles of intentional weight loss followed by unintentional weight regain. It can result in more weight gain over time. Scientific studies found that people who diet may have greater body weights and waste circumferences than people who did not diet the previous year.

Undiagnosed Medical issue

You may also gain weight because you are suffering from an undiagnosed medical issue. Several medical conditions may result in unintentional weight gain.

Hypothyroidism- it can affect your thyroid gland and may result in weight gain or difficulty with weight loss

Depression-depression can result in weight gain and obesity

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)-this medical condition can result in hormonal imbalances and can cause weight gain and make it difficult to lose weight

Binge eating disorder (BED)-if you’re suffering from this problem, there will be recurrent episodes of uncontrollable overrating and that will result in weight gain.

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