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How to stop stuttering

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If you stutter, you may feel embarrassed while talking to other people. However, this is just a problem and you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. It is possible to stop stuttering with a few simple tools and techniques. Let’s find out a few of them.

Relax mentally and physically

Try to relax both mentally and physically. You need to tell yourself that you’re going to do just fine. If you are worried that you will stutter while speaking, you are more likely to stutter actually. If you can relax both your body and mind, and your speech will come out better.

To relax your body you need to release the tension in your back, arms and neck. You need to relax your shoulders and let them sink down to a natural level. Also buzz your lips before you start to speak. Also eliminate any tension in your legs and arms. If necessary, you can do a few stretching movements to release the tension present in your body.

To relax your mind, you can prep yourself by saying some positive things. You can tell yourself that you are bigger than the stutter. Also remind yourself that this is not a life and death situation. You may stutter but that does not mean the end of the life for you. Your thoughts are very important in relaxing yourself. If meditation helps you, you can perform meditation just before you going to give a speech. If you are going to your social occasion or event, you may do a little bit of meditation before you reach the venue and meet people.

Stand in front of the mirror

Standing in front of the mirror and imagining that the person you’re seeing in it is a different person may also help you. Do that and then start talking about anything. It may be completely anything at all-it may be about your day, your feelings, what you have eaten, your planning is about anything. When you do this regularly, you will notice that your stuttering problem will disappear after some time.

It is important because it will boost your confidence. And when after some time you are able to speak without stuttering, it will help you to speak better in front of other people. If you practice it for 30 minutes every day, within a few weeks you will see real improvement. It is also good for you because once it becomes a habit, everything will become much easier for you.

Try breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can help you to talk fluently without any stuttering. Generally a stutterer will always have problem breathing when he/she stutter. If you perform some breathing exercises, it will help you to improve your speech and complete it without stuttering.

Take a couple of deep breaths before you start speaking. In case of a social situation, you can read deeply through your nose, which will not attract attention. If you speak do not forget to breathe in between. If you stutter, then do not forget to breathe at that moment. Give yourself some time and then tackle the difficult word or phrase.

Try to speak slowly, you are not there to break any speed record. If you try to speak at a faster speed, it is more likely that you will stutter. However, your goal is to the able to speak fluently without stuttering and to be able to express the words in an understandable way.


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