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How to sleep better for a better life

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If you are not sleeping well, it can cause several problems for you including health problems and mental problems. If you are sleeping better, it will help you to have a better life by eliminating different types of possible future problems. Let's find out how you can sleep better.

Make it a priority

For many people, sleeping is not a priority and so they are sleeping for five or six hours when they know they need to have seven or eight hours. They're busy in so many different things that they don't have time for sleeping. Many of them keep sleeping aside. Many of them are not giving themselves enough time to sleep because they have so many other things to do.

However, if you make sleeping a priority and keep aside seven or eight hours of sleep and then find out how to manage the other things in the rest of the time, it'll be easier for you to sleep for 7 to 8 hours. And when you do that, you will wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Follow good sleep hygiene

Is very important to follow a good sleep hygiene which means making your environment as conducive for sleep as possible. The environment should be good enough for you so that you can have a deep, uninterrupted sleep. If you television and mobile phones are causing difficulty in getting sleep, you will need to avoid them and keep them away from your bedroom. Different types of lights and sounds can also cause problem in your sleeping environment and so you should avoid those which can cause problems with your sleeping environment. If necessary, it's okay to make some adjustments which can make a tremendous difference in sleep quality, help you to sleep better and fall asleep faster.


Your bedroom should be completely dark. You can find some blackout contains which will block any streetlight or other sources of light. It is better not to have any electronics with digital displays. You can also use a sleep mask to keep away the light from disturbing you while sleeping. If you find problems because of sounds coming from different sources at night, you can use a pair of earplugs which will help you to sleep better by filtering out the noise. Room temperature is also very important for your sleep quality. The temperature of your room should be around 60 to 60°F for you to have a better sleep.

Use your natural sleep-wake cycle

Do not fight your natural sleep-wake cycle, rather work with it. Cortisol and melatonin are the two hormones which govern your sleep-wake cycle. Cortisol stimulates your body to wake up and stay alert and when you are exposed to light, your body is encouraged to produce it. On the other hand, when it's dark your body is stimulated to increase production of melatonin, which will make you feel sleepy.

Blue light can confuse your body in deciding what is natural and what artificial light is. So, you need to avoid the blue light when you want to sleep because it can disrupt your sleeping cycle. Avoiding the electronics and their blue lights will help you to sleep better.

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