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5 Tips to help you overcome sleep apnea

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Sleep apnea is a condition that inhibits your sleep. In fact, many people experience sleep apnea and don't even know it. Sleep apnea is caused by a blockage in the airway passage that also causes intermittent breathing as well as loud snoring. It may be hard to decipher whether or not you have sleep apnea since it takes place in the middle of the night or when you are sleeping. If you sleep with a partner or a roommate, ask them to pay close attention to how you sleep at night to discover whether or not you have sleep apnea. If you are not keen on asking your roommate to assist, you can visit a sleep study center where they will hook you up to a machine that will monitor your sleeping habits. If you do in fact have sleep apnea, here are some tips to help you overcome your diagnosis. To learn more, visit this website.




  • Weight loss. One of the causes of sleep apnea is weight gain. If you take into consideration your weight, you may find that it is what is causing you to experience frequent sleep apnea. If this is the case, consider losing weight. You can do this by eating healthier meals, walking regularly, and moving around more often. Many people who are overweight and experience sleep apnea do so because they have extra tissue that resides in the back of their throat, causing the blockage of airways when one sleeps. By losing weight, the tissue will also dissipate.
  • Stop smoking. If you are a smoker, one of the easiest things that you can do to help deter your sleep apnea is to quit smoking. It can be hard to stop smoking but there are resources in your community, such as smoking cessation groups, that can help you. When you quit smoking, the inflammation and fluids in your lungs will decrease which will help to alleviate the sleep apnea you are experiencing.




  • Try to sleep during regular sleeping hours. It is a good idea to sleep during regular sleeping hours. In addition, your body does better when it has a set routine that it can follow. You will get a better night of sleep the more than you can relax.




  • Try sleeping on your side. Sometimes changing your position is all that you need to stop the sleep apnea from taking place. When you sleep on your back, it is likely that your tongue will get stuck in your airways which can cause the sleep apnea.




  • Use some over the counter products to help you. There are over the counter products that can help you with the sleep apnea symptoms. Use a saline spray or a neti pot to help eliminate any excess fluids that may be in your nasal passage. This will help you get a better night of rest.



Sleep apnea is not a rare disorder and it is something that can be easily helped. By following these tips, you can overcome your sleep apnea dilemma and be off to having a restful night of sleep in no time.