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Zinc (ZMA) Increases Testosterone

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Testosterone is the hormone responsible for fertility, muscle mass, fat distribution and red blood cells production. When the levels of testosterone drop below levels that are healthy, they may lead to infertility. Low levels of zinc and magnesium have adverse effects on muscle growth.  Low zinc levels lead to, low testosterone production, therefore, specialists have come up with supplements to curb this condition.

Zinc (ZMA)

Zinc is an example of a supplement which helps increase the testosterone hormone for men.  For testosterone production, zinc is an essential component. ZMA is simply an abbreviation of Zinc, magnesium and B6 respectively, a supplement which taken for strength by athletes. Zinc plays a direct role in the conversion of androstenedione to testosterone. Further, zinc is crucial for your body immune system as well as cell division. A slight drop of zinc levels can, therefore, become lethal to your health.

Effects of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency is defined as insufficiency of zinc to meet the body needs. Zinc deficiency will affect the skin, immune system, central nervous system, and reproductive systems. Zinc deficiency is majorly due to a less diet intake.  To naturally boost the zinc in the body, you should ensure regular consumption of meat beans and nuts. *Zinc deficiency affects areas around the mouth leading to ulcers, the skin leading to acne and respiratory system leading to respiratory diseases. During pregnancy, zinc deficiency can adversely affect both mother and fetus.

Practical of ZMA Increases Testosterone

Western Washington University researchers conducted an experiment using ZMA minerals like zinc, B6 and magnesium to check if Zinc (ZMA) increases testosterone and the results were productive.

Zinc magnesium and B6 are the components of ZMA.  The tests displayed higher anabolic profiles for hormones something which helped with muscle functioning for athletes used in the test. A group of wrestlers was given this supplement daily for four weeks and these wrestlers proved to have a higher amount of testosterone as compared to the other group of physically inactive group. Due to the heavy training wrestlers go through, the other group had a decline in testosterone in the body. Thus this is proof that zinc helps maintain high levels testosterone regardless of the strenuous activities you may face. A new group of males was subjected to strenuous bike riding for four weeks. The group that had ZMA administered to them were able to increase testosterone concentration as compared to the physically inactive group.

Zinc helps body fight SHBG and Stress (from exercising)

SHBG is sex hormone-binding globulin) which inhibits testosterone function in the body.

Zinc is able raise the level of testosterone and offer protection against reduction of testosterone, due to stress associated with physical activities and exercising.

Dose levels of Zinc (ZMA) supplement

If you are aiming at maximizing testosterone supplement, take an average of 25mg zinc daily and compliment it using vitamin B6 and magnesium so that it gives you a ZMA complex.  It is also important to note that, this zinc supplement shouldn’t be taken together with calcium because calcium will hinder absorption.


All in all, ZMA is a great supplement because you receive a blend of magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc. This blend is known to increase level of testosterone and strength. It is also quite cost-effective, and quality results are evident after one month.