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How do you stop hating your body?

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Many people hate their bodies. The reasons for doing so may be different for different people. It may be bringing, it may be comparison with other people, it may be social pressure, it may be social conditioning or it may be any other reason why you hate your body. But if you want to have a normal life and grow in your life, you will have two stop hating yourself and love yourself. There are different ways to stop hating your body.

Find out who’s dissatisfied

To stop hating yourself, you will need to find out who is dissatisfied with your body. You need to know the source of your body dissatisfaction. Is it you who is not satisfied or is it someone else who is dissatisfied with your body? Is it your mother, your friends, your spouse or your colleagues? Looking for the answer will help you to find out whether it’s a body dissatisfaction issue or a relationship issue. If the feeling is coming from another person, you do not have to agree to that. If the source is you, then you have some things to do.

Avoid the cues

Media images generally heavily influence our internal beauty standards and we judge ourselves based on those standards. The bar of standard is continuously rising and the problem is that most of these standards are unrealistic. If you expose yourself to such unrealistic images, it will increase your body dissatisfaction. Avoid those unrealistic sources that come from fashion magazines, Hollywood magazine shows, television and movies, celebrity awards shows that provide you with unrealistic expectations and standards in case of your body. Know that these are not realistic and avoid them.

Focus on your strengths

You need to find out what strengths you have and then focus on that. It may be that you are very strong, you are a good dancer, and you have high endurance or something else. Find that out and always focus on those strengths and show them off. When you think about your strengths and realize that you really have something that other people do not have, that will help you to improve your body confidence. Find out what you have and then see how unique you are.

Focus on function not form

We are more focused on the body forms and how we look. Instead of that, focus on the functions. Focus on what you can do. Find out the abilities that your body has which may include things like you can walk fast, you can complete several laps when swimming or it may be anything else. You will need to find out what your body can do the best and focus on that instead of focusing on how your body looks. Once you find out the skills that you have, you need to focus on improving those skills because that will increase your body confidence. When you have higher body confidence that will counteract dissatisfaction and you will gradually stop hating your body.

Eliminate the fantasy

It is a common fact that everyone wants something someone else has. If you’re skinny, probably were trying to get more muscle and mass. People who are little fat and people who are obese want to slim down and become skinny. People have their own laments in related to their bodies. Except what you have and if you don’t like something you can try to improve that but you don’t have to hate it.


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