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Important swimming tips for beginners

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If you are new to swimming, sometimes it can be intimidating. However, it is not as hard as you think if you know what to do.

Practice sighting

If you have tried to swim, you know that it is difficult to see while swimming and you need some practice. You need to practice sighting in the pool so that while actually swimming, it becomes easier for you to see while swimming. On every Fort Lap you can practice a few sightings while swimming. You need to attend to look up in one smooth motion. Try to look up 3 to 4 times while swimming but keep a streamlined position. Do not let your hips and legs drop. There are some good sighting techniques available and you can always learn them.

Put on your goggles

You can learn to keep your goggles over your eyes for at least an hour. Do not remove them during this time. If you are going for a long distance swim or competition, you will not be able to remove your goggles in between. This practice will help you to become accustomed to using them which will make your swimming learning lessons easier.

Fins are important

If you have fins, it will make your swimming practice easier for you. You can buy a pair of fins and focus on kicking and efficiently. You should never cross one foot over the other while kicking and that will come only with practice. Fins will increase your ankle flexibility and make swimming easier for you. Use them till you are good at swimming.

Pull straight back

When your hands and that the water, you need to have a flat palm and the fingertips should start pointing down immediately. You need to practice pulling straight back as you roll your shoulder. It is important to note and always remember that your hands should never cross over your centerline when you are swimming.

Get silicon earplugs

Silicon earplugs are important for you because they will help you to keep away from irritation and ear infection. Professionals, marathon swimmers and surfers always use them because they spend a lot of time in the cold water.

Buy a snorkel if you need one

You can buy a swimmer’s snorkel and practice with it. When you do that, you will be able to concentrate on your arm stroke and body rotation without having to focus on the breathing part initially. Once you become better at that, you can always focus on the breathing part. Competitive swimmers use this equipment and so you can also try them while you are learning swimming to improve your efficiency.

Bring your own small towel

A small throwaway towel is very handy at different times. It will be more useful to clean your hands after you apply Vaseline or other skin lubricants be sure you get down in the pool. You can always carry it with you. It will also be useful to clean your goggles if you get something on them. It’s very handy and it doesn’t require lots of space and you can always throw it out before you start your swimming.

Keep two pairs of goggles

You need to keep an extra pair of goggles with you all the time. You need a clear set and a dark set. If there is a rainy, cloudy or foggy day, use the clear set of goggles. In case of a bright and sunny day, you can use the dark set. Use both of them while practicing so that you are comfortable with them.


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