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Benefits of Swimming

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Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of Swimming

Your guide to a fine fitness starts from swimming and the following advantages of swimming would find you making it a lifestyle, after all spending on fitness is anyway better than spending on medicines. Prevention is any day, better than cure.


Safe for your knee joints

People who hit the gym especially at the treadmill often complain of knee-joint pain or especially when they are doing aerobics because there is an impact that the floor leaves on your joints when you jump, hop, run, skip, dance etc. However, in swimming, there is no floor impact; therefore you are saved from any sprains or strains.

Now, the trend is towards water aerobics where you can jump and hop on the floor of the pull without any stress on your joints. Thanks to a property, which we studied at school in Physics-Buoyant force that does all the wonder and makes the exercise more enjoyable.

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Has a lifetime validity


Swimming is a lighter exercise. Therefore, irrespective of your age, you can swim even without the thought of you hurting yourself at any point and causing any critical injuries. In addition, the swimming coach is always there to care for your safety, just like a parent. Therefore, you can wear your swimming suite at any age.


Makes a strong heart, believe it or not, but you can be assured of never dying of a heart attac5. Swimming enhances your oxygen consumption capacity to 10% and the pumping of the heart rises to almost 18%.This increases the endurance of the heart and makes it strong promising to keep all the heart diseases at bay.


Gives you a muscle mass


Swimming works as a perfect substitute for spending hours on the treadmill or at the gym. Therefore, we have good news for all the men who keep sweating daily in the gym without any significant gain in the muscle. Swimming can give you as much as 20% gain in the muscle mass toning your body well. Thus, it turns out to be a more lucrative option and an economic one as well as compared to those hefty gym packages.


Respite in the summers-It turns out to be a great resort when it comes to beating the scorching heat in the summers and it gives you the opportunity to play outdoors, sustaining your fitness levels which otherwise you would have avoided given the hot temperature outside.

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Helps you in emergencies


At any point of time if you are stuck in let's say, a flood, you can swim yourself to some safe point. Not only this, you get to save lives around and help people up. This is surely going to shoot your confidence up and give you the title of a Good Samaritan.


Water Rides


Swimming makes you enjoy various water rides at different adventure water parks which otherwise you would not be able to enjoy because of the fear of drowning.


Participate in competitions

 If you are a passionate swimmer, you get to exercise your passion in different competitions and take glory back home in case you win.