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How the Right Mattress Topper Can Help to Alleviate Back Pain

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According to recent studies, 80 percent of people will experience some sort of back pain during their lifetime. Lower back pain can have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep and because it is a common problem these days, having the right tools can ensure you get a peaceful night's sleep.

After a busy day, you want to go home and get enough rest throughout the night, and adding a mattress topper to your bed could be exactly what you need to facilitate this. They are a simple but effective addition, usually recommended by physicians and doctors given their proven efficacy in helping alleviate back pain by improving your sleep quality and making you feel energized when you wake up. The following are some of the reasons you should use a mattress topper to alleviate back pain.

Spinal Support

Most backaches usually affect the lower back but often, the pain usually radiates throughout the entire back. Therefore, when you go to sleep, it is imperative that your body lies flat and with a continuous support. The body needs to have full contact with the surface it lies on uniformly.

This is meant to allow it to distribute weight evenly eliminating the stress placed on the spine. With the right mattress topper, you can not only achieve this but also wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free. You can also maintain proper posture throughout the night thus keeping your spine straight. A good mattress topper ensures that the rest of your body maintains a healthy form throughout the night to distribute correct postures and alleviate back pain. Read more here for a detail.

Compatibility with All Sleeping Positions

The way you sleep can add pressure to your lower back, knees, shoulders, hips and neck. Most cases of back pain are caused by tossing and turning while you sleep. Stomach sleepers are most likely to suffer from lower back pain. While there's no ideal sleeping position proven to alleviate back pain, there are certain measures that can help with the issue.

Moving around is perfectly normal, it can help in getting you into a position that could avoid back or neck pain. Using a mattress topper helps in altering your sleeping patterns in a way that your back is guarded throughout the night by maintaining the natural curve of the spine.

Ideal Foam Density

Different types of foams are designed for different applications. Mattress toppers are designed to help you get a good night's sleep by avoiding stiffness and back pain. The fact that they are considerably lighter than the mattress makes them gentler on your body. Because most toppers are made from memory foam, they form around your body and memorize your body shape to provide you with enough support on such key points as the joints and back by distributing your weight evenly.

Additionally, they are curated to last longer given their density range of between 3 and 15 pounds. This type of foam is also popular for its abundance in providing comfort and support.

Sufficient Extra Space

For someone suffering from chronic back pain, it's frustrating to sleep with a partner on the same bed. However, rather than having to kick your partner off the bed and for the purpose of maintaining a good relationship, investing in a mattress topper that is large enough to cover the entire mattress will help give your partner plenty of room to move around and prevent them from invading your personal space.

Reducing Pressure Points

The body has several pressure points that can be manipulated to eliminate insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, pain and headaches. Although scientific knowledge is required to identify and understand the relevance of these points, it doesn't take a genius to know that placing pressure on the specific points can result in back pain.

Mattress toppers can efficiently reduce pressure point thereby ensuring that you have a pain-free sleep. Its thickness is suitable for people who suffer from chronic back pain as it provides optimal performance when sleeping.

Heat Retention

There is a perfect sleeping temperature and memory foam toppers tend to get warm easily. Gel infused memory foam toppers are particularly capable of cooling down your environment and distributing this heat evenly throughout the body.

They may feel warm underneath but this is a perfectly normal scenario. High-quality toppers will give the exact same great results. If too much heat is an issue, placing a cooling pad over the topper as a cover can be helpful especially during the summer when the weather is unbearably hot and in case your memory foam mattress is prone to overheating.