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Sex and Taoist and Tantric practices

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Sexuality is a very important part of our lives. It is also important for our health and well-being. However, it is seen that many people suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can be a very big problem for couples and especially for the men. Taoism and Tantric practices can help us to improve our sexual lives and help in the sexual problems such as premature ejaculation.

Both Tantric and Taoist principles believe that sexual energy is similar to life force. There are some energy centers in the body which can increase life force. Both these ancient principles have different practices which help in conserving and building sexual energy.

During sex, stress hormones decrease in the body and serotonin increases. It is very much beneficial for you because it means optimal health.

Taoism and sex

In Taoism most of the information is available on different practices for males which will help them to conserve their life force. It teaches how to redirect energy of orgasm throughout the body without ejaculating. The ancient texts have less information about the women. So, the information for women to redirect sexual energy is also very much limited.

Taoism teaches about controlling the sexual energy. It teaches different techniques that allow such control. Such control is very important because a man’s strength, capacity, efficiency, vital, mental and spiritual resources has a direct and very close connection with his sexual potential energy. For example, it teaches the three fingers method, which originated in China about 5000 years back. It focuses on stopping the loss of sperm by using pressure with the fingers.

Taoist sexual practice provides the possibility to sexually rejuvenate the physical body so that it can be more youthful and healthy. It mainly focuses on prevention of loss or waste of sexual energy. It can help in medical healing of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The techniques are also used for better circulation of sexual energy internally or with a partner. The techniques also ensure that high-quality orgasms happens for the partners. Such orgasm may be genital orgasm, multiple orgasm, vital organ specific energetic orgasm, whole body orgasm or spiritual orgasm. Is

Tantric practices and sex

Tantric practices have a lot many things to say about sex. You can learn a lot about sex and how to approach it. For example some of the things that you can learn in Tantric practices about sex are- create a sacred space, work with the breath, take it slowly, look into one another’s eyes etc. Breathing is probably the most important element in tantra.

According to ancient tantra texts that talk about Tantric practices you can use your breath to spread orgasmic energy from your genitals through your entire body. This is something which is important and very interesting. You will be able to learn how you can do that and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. During sex, you synchronize your breath with your partner. It means when one partner inhales, the other exhales.

The core idea of Tantric practices for sex include the couple making certain preparations, which may include ritual birthing, meditation and massages.

Tantric practices also have more elaborate practices which will teach you how to move the sexual life force energies through the body.

You can learn about sex and Taoist and Tantric practices, so that you can enhance your own sex life and take the process to a completely different and higher dimensional where it becomes more than just a job to do for you and your partner.


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