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Muscle building made easy

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The following three principles will help you to understand how you can build muscle in easy way. Building muscle can be very easy when you know how to do it. Let’s find out how you can build muscle in an easier way.

You must get stronger

This is the first important principle for you when you are trying to build more muscles. For that, you need a basic intelligent program which will help you to get stronger. There are many such programs available. All you have to do is find the right program for yourself and that will help you to get stronger. You just need to do two things to get stronger- add more weight and do more reps. You will need to lift heavy weights for more reps and it will help you to become stronger gradually.

More squats

You will need to do some squats to increase your muscles. You’ll be able to increase the size of your body by doing more squats.

Spend more time lifting

If you want to build more muscles, you will need to give more time to the workouts. It is important that you spend more time doing the lifting and with the bar. You need to use complexes to get more from the workouts you are doing. Complexes mean cycling through a series of exercises without putting the bar down. This type of exercise, you perform all the reps on one exercise before you move to the next one. It is a very tough thing to do and very difficult for many people.

Different programs will focus on different things.

The basic strength program

If you do get stronger and build more muscles, you will need to focus on the movements necessary for building strength. Different experts will prescribe different exercises. For example Jim Wendler prescribes back squat, military press, dead lift and bench-press. Some other experts may recommend some other exercises for increasing the strength and muscles.


Nutrition will play a very big role in increasing your strength and building more muscles. You can no way ignore the role nutrition will play in your journey to increase muscles in your body. You will need at least three meals a day and along with that you will need 1 to 2 snacks. Add more and more protein in your diet. Each meal that you eat may contain meat, egg, fish etc. along with beans and vegetables. Snacks can be protein along with carbohydrate and fats.

Fish oil is very important in your quest to add more muscles and strength to your body. Fish oil capsules can also help you. It will provide you with the important omega-3 fatty acids which will help you to bulk up more.


When you are trying to increase your strength and muscles in the body, recovery will always play a very important role. Recovery will also decide how much muscle you are adding each and every week. You must take rest and sleep. During a race time, your body will prick over and will rebuild the muscles broken during the workout. Sometimes, proper rest may become more important than too much of exercise. Do not lose sleep because you wanted to watch a movie or go out partying. At least don’t do that during the period when you are undergoing a training program to get more strength and muscles. You don’t have to play basketball or learn a new sport during your rest days. Use the rest days for doing exactly that- taking rest.


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