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Getting muscle and mass for a hardgainer

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If you are a hardgainer, you know how frustrating it can be when you perform all types of exercises and follow routines and eat as directed but you do not get the muscles you expect. Life can be very difficult for a hardgainer because even after lots of pain and affords building and gaining muscles and mass can be very difficult. Let's find out how you can get more muscle and mass even though you are a hardgainer.

Liquid nutrition is for you

If you are a hardgainer liquid nutrition can help you in a big way. You may not be able to eat thousands of calories every day and it can be very exhausting for you. If that is happening to you, liquid nutrition can help you a lot. Blending different bulking shakes can help you to get the necessary protein and carbohydrates that your body needs to build bigger muscle and mass. Liquid calories are easier for you because you can easily digests them and you can get the necessary calories for building more muscle.

Record and analyse weekly

This step is very important for any hardgainer. If you are a hardgainer, you will need to record a few things. Record what you are eating, what you are lifting, your body measurements, photos of your body, and the body fat percentage. You will need to revisit them weekly and analyse whether you are on the right track or not. It will also help you to make the necessary changes.

Create your mass gainer shakes

It is possible to create your own mass gainer shakes. It's a very important element for hardgainers. It is possible to get it hundred to 1000 calories in one single shake. You can prepare that shake within minutes and can also eat them in under a minute. Eating a mass gainer shake will be much easier for you in comparison to a bulking meal. It is also cheaper. You need less time to prepare, less money and less time to eat such shakes.

You can do it at home and you don't have to pay for supplements. Whey powder, oats, banana, peanut butter etc. can be added to create a mass gainer shake at home. You can also ensure that you are getting more protein in the shake because protein is very much important for you to build more muscle. You need to ensure that you are also getting complex carbohydrates in the shake because it's a very good source of prolonged energy. Add some healthy fats into the shake because it is necessary for your general health and hormone production.

Don't worry about fat gains

When you are bulking up, you will gain some fat as well. You should not worry about that. Along with fat gain, you are also gaining more muscle. You need to understand that you will have to eat more calories than your body requires on a daily basis because that will help you to gain more weight and mass. And some of the extra energy will be converted to store fat and that is unavoidable. So, don't worry about gaining some fat in the process of gaining more mass and muscle. You can eventually shed the extra fat.

While bulking up your body will receive some fat and you will need to accept that. If you are already skinny and you are trying to bulking up, then you need to understand that while bulking up, you cannot stay lean. If you are skinny, it will be easier for you to drop fat instantly once you become big and muscular and look shredded.

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