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How can skinny guys build more muscles?

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Building muscles is very difficult for skinny guys. Even though they try, they often find it difficult to build muscles as they want. The following strategies will help skinny guys to build more muscles.


Eat clean food but more

If you want to build more muscles, you will need to eat more food. This is a very simple strategy and it works all the time. However, you need to understand that it does not mean you can simply eat whatever you want. It is important to understand what will help you to build more muscles and it is more important to know that you need to eat clean. If you do not watch what you are eating, you are going to be fat instead of a muscled man. Egg whites, chicken, whey protein, vegetables, tuna, turkey, are some of the good sources of protein and so you need them more in your food. To build muscles, you need 1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight. You will also need 2.5 g of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight and you will also need healthy fats. Such healthy fats are available in fish oil and flax seeds.

Don't follow the routine of a pro

Professional bodybuilders are different and if you are not going for professional bodybuilding, you don't have to follow their routine. Their routine will be overkill for you and it may actually harm your instead of benefiting you. You don't have to follow a professional bodybuilder and his routine unless you want to become a professional bodybuilder. Since you are trying to get bigger and get more muscles on your thin body, you don't need the routine of a pro.

Compound lifts

If you are a skinny guy anyone to add more muscles to your body, you will need to focus on compound lifts. If you really want to be big, you will need to follow the classic lifts, which will include bans presses, deadlifts, squats, rows, dips and pullups. These are the basic lifts and they can help you to get bigger.

Drink more water

If you want to build more muscles, you will need to love water and drink more of it. About 70% of your muscles is water and so you need more water when you are trying to build more muscles. According to experts, a gallon of water every day is what you need to build more muscles. It will also help you by increasing your metabolism and removing toxins from your body and thereby will keep you healthy.

Don't rely only on supplements

Supplements may be good but if you are relying completely on supplements to get bigger, you are making a big mistake. There are supplements and so they supplement your food. So, you will need to eat properly and stop wasting your time and money on the supplements all the time. Your training and your diet are very important for you and then only you should go for some supplements. You can always take multivitamin, creatine, whey protein and glutamine. If you are a hard gainer, you will need the supplements but only after you have the right diet to get bigger.

Challenge yourself

Whenever you workout, you will need to challenge yourself. Even though you are not able to pick up some weights and use them while working out, you will need to try them each and every time you workout. You will need a goal which will motivate you to improve your workout, increase your weights and do more than the last time. Challenge yourself with better and bigger goals and you will achieve them.

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