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Foods that will destroy your weight loss efforts

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There are some foods which you should not consume when you are trying to lose weight and fat from your body because these foods can destroy your efforts and progress you have made till now. Let’s find out more about such foods.

Low-fat yoghurt

Even though the name suggests low-fat, they may not be very good for you especially when you’re trying to lose weight. These varieties often contain too much sugar and so you cannot include them in your healthy diet. If you are deceived by the name low-fat, and you add it to your healthy diet, it will cause your blood glucose level go up and then crashing down. Instead of this low-fat yoghurt varieties, you can always go for Greek yoghurt, which contains less amount of sugar and high levels of protein. So, you are getting extra protein, which is good for you and your weight loss efforts.

Bran cereal

If you are consuming bran cereal every morning, you should probably take another look at it. Most of such cereals contain high levels of added sugar. You don’t want to consume more sugar when you are trying to lose weight because it will derail your efforts. Even though you will probably never suspect more sugar in a bran based food, but they are present in such cereals. If you read the label carefully, you will find that the level of sugar in such foods is really high and so you don’t want it. Instead of that, you can go for oatmeal because it is a far better alternative for your breakfast.

Cereal bars

These cereal bars are highly refined and you will not get much protein from them. Whatever their advertisements may say, they are not going to satisfy your hunger. They will also not supply the muscles with the necessary nutrients. Even though may claim to offer the nutrients necessary for building and repairing your muscles, the truth may be far from it. If you are a fan of such bars, you can always make your own granola bars from home-made ingredients which will be much better for you when you want to lose weight.

Frozen dinners

This is a very common foods that many people consume and that too on a regular basis. People also like them because they are available in different quantities and for many people it helps them to control the portion. Many of them are also low in calories. But at the same time, they are also low in protein, fibre and nutrients. If your body is not getting the required amount of protein, fibre and nutrients necessary for bodily functions, what is the use of having such foods?

If you are eating frozen foods, you can always add a grilled chicken breast so that you are getting more protein. You can also add some frozen vegetables so that you get more fibre which are necessary for your body. Adding chicken or vegetables will make the meal more well-balanced for you.

Once you know about these foods, probably it’s a good time to take a look at your current diet. There may be some foods which are stopping you from losing the weight you want to lose and the feet that is true in case of your diet, you can always eliminate such foods. If it is necessary, you can add more foods to your diet to make it balanced so that you get the necessary nutrients and minerals for achieving your goal of weight loss.


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