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How to grow taller naturally

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Height is it important element in our lives. The society likes tall people. If you are taller, it helps you everywhere- in your job, in a society, in the field. Is it possible to grow taller and to do so naturally?

Even though your height is determined by your genes, there are several other factors that also have crucial impact on the height. You cannot do anything about your genes, but you can always do a lot about the other factors.

Taller naturally

Avoid stunting your growth

It is possible for you to avoid stunting your growth. Drug and alcohol consumption will cause stunting of your growth. They will also result in several other medical conditions which will hamper your normal growth and may make you shorter than you are supposed to be. These medical conditions and the abnormalities of growth hormone have a direct effect on your height.

There are several other things that you should avoid


Even though scientists do not know the impact of smoking and second-hand smoking on human body definitely, researches have found that people who smoke or experience second-hand smoking are shorter than people who do not smoke.


Steroids are bad for you if you want to grow tall. Steroids have several negative effects on the human body, including lower sperm count, higher blood pressure, and increased risk of heart attack. Steroids also suppress bone growth in case of growing teenagers. If bone growth is affected then you are likely to be shorter because of lower growth of bone.

The effect of Sleep

Sleep has a tremendous effect on the growth of the teenagers. Pre-teens and teenagers need 8 to 11 hours of sleep every night. Better sleep helps in the growth of the teenagers. You need to make sure that your sleeping environment is optimized for better sleeping. Avoid loud noises and more light in your bedroom. The growth hormone or HGH is produced by the pituitary gland. Deep or slow wave sleep improves the production of the growth hormone. However, you should not use any HGH treatment without consulting your doctor because they may have different side effects and not every doctor is expert enough to perform such HGH treatments.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition can help you to maximize your height. If you get all the necessary nutrients, your growth will be better and you will be taller. You need the right amount of calories at the right time. You may also need to take some supplements if you are not getting the required nutrient from your diet.
You need calcium, vitamin D, protein, zinc and other essential elements and minerals.


Exercises will help you to grow taller. You need to keep fit to help your body to grow to the maximum possible extent. If you're growing, you need to exercise actively because at that stage of your life, exercise will help you more to grow and grow taller.

Height exercises

There are several height exercises which will help you to focus on increasing your height. Such exercises include the Cobra yoga posture from Yoga. Hanging from overhead suspended bars also helps you to grow taller. Besides working out and keep yourself fit, you should also include all the height exercises to help your body to grow taller.

Good posture

A good posture is very important to look taller and to help your body to grow taller. You should not slouch or slink while working and sitting. The need to walk and sit keeping your spine straight. If your posture is good, it will help you to look taller than you are.
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