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How to improve blood sugar control for diabetics

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If you are diabetic, it is very important for you to control blood sugar. To live a normal life, diabetic person will need to take more care and caution than a normal person. If you do not control your blood sugar, your diabetic condition will go beyond control and will cause different other problems for you.

Blood Sugar

Consistent eating habits

As a diabetic person, you need to maintain your eating habits and keep them constant. If yes, skip your meals, especially breakfast, may increase your blood sugar level. If you do not eat for several hours, your body uses glucose release from the liver as fuel. In case of people suffering from type 2 diabetes, the liver cannot sense the already present glucose in the blood and so keep adding more glucose to the blood. If you eat something with less carbohydrate, it will send a signal to your liver to stop adding more glucose to the blood.
If you skip meals, it may also lead to overeating later and as a result you may gain more weight. When you skip meals and take glucose lowering medicines your blood sugar may drop too low.

Healthy sources of carbs

Even though you need to check eating too much of carbohydrate, however, to low carbohydrate means and not a balanced diet and it will deprive your body of important fibre, minerals and vitamins. Tool less carbohydrate may mean other problems like poor energy and headaches. It is important to balance your meal plan. You can include fruits, grains and other foods that contain carb.


Alcohol may lower blood sugar. However, it does that erratically and so is not an effective method of controlling glucose. Alcohol interferes with the liver and thereby does not allow it to raise blood glucose and thereby may cause low blood glucose or Hypoglycaemia. But it is impossible to predict when the effect of alcohol will happen. It may happen the next day. And if alcohol is taken along with high sugar drinks like juices or sodas, or taken with foods containing carbs, then initially alcohol may increase the blood pressure and then gradually drop it.
If you drink alcohol, and if you are diabetic, then it is best for you to do so in moderation. Your doctor may be the best person to decide how much and when you should take.

Green tea

If you switch to green tea from sugary drinks, it will help you to cut calories besides offering you polyphenols which help in fighting different diseases. It may not reduce your blood sugar, but it will at least allow you to drink tea and reduce the possibility of increasing blood sugar by replacing the sugary drinks. Studies have found that green tea may help prevention of type 2 diabetes. It may also improve insulin sensitivity.

Drink water

Drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated by Drinking water will offer you all the benefits that drinking lots of water offers, but it will also reduce the calorie intake. Since it's a calorie free beverage, don't have to worry about loading yourself up with calories. If you are having high blood sugar levels, you can very safely drink water.


A little bit of vinegar will help you to reduce your blood sugar level. Researchers have found that if you consume 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar just before your meal, it may cut the increase in blood glucose level by 40%. It does that by inhibiting digestion of starch.
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